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Terrible experience - scam
Reviewed by Jamesik  /  January 03 2010
Ordered a widescreen version of a movie, got a full screen a month later. Customer service directed me to the seller. The seller provided the wrong return address and stopped responding. A1Books is a cover for scams

Reviewed by dsharma  /  September 23 2009

My Review of
Reviewed by divina  /  September 10 2009
I ended up ordering the wrong book for my daughter's Government class and needed the right book in a hurry and at a good price. got it half right.

The price was very good but their customer service is non-existent. They shipped twelve (12) days after I ordered and used some UPS service that shipped the book to within twenty (20) miles of my home and then shipped it hundreds of miles away to be shipped USPS (originally shipped UPS). When I inquire as to why this happened, I keep getting the same form letter asking for my order # and issue. It's like a joke with them. I sent them the information and whoever's having a bad day there keeps sending the same form back.

Obviously we need the book before the semester ends and at this rate, knowing the book has been sent to the other end of the state to be sent USPS, I'll assume sent it via slugmail and I'll have to find another copy I can get faster (like online) then sell this one. I would have to rate a big fat F. There's no benefit to buying a book a few dollars cheaper if you won't get it within a reasonable time. Buy Elsewhere!

Reviewed by MarkC  /  July 23 2009
The promised 1% credit (A1Points) turned out to be a ONE CENT credit! Spend $12 = save 12 cents on next order!?!?

Then just try to find an 800# to correct an order! Never Again! was never this slippery!

great deals
Reviewed by jenarch  /  June 03 2009
I have ordered a few things from a1 and have had a positive experience. I usually go to them for the best prices. All orders were shipped promptly, plus a 5% off discount for orders through a .edu e-mail address is just another added bonus!

Poor first impression
Reviewed by jjd  /  February 12 2009
They sold me a book they didn't actually have and notified me several days later. Fortunately they did refund my money quickly.

good service and great price
Reviewed by papayen  /  October 09 2008
Quick shipping with great price!!

bad experience as well..
Reviewed by moncj66  /  July 24 2008
I didn't realize how many ppl had bad experiencing with them. I ordered a APA supplement book back in december of 07', i actually forgot i ordered it until i had to write a paper in march. I looked around and finally found the confirmation that i bought the book and it was mysteriously lost somewhere in kansas!! I quickly called about this and they did give me a refund. Thank good it wasn't a book i actually needed!

More trouble while ordering....
Reviewed by Panoramix Top Reviewer  /  March 19 2008
Well, still a good offer found at the store. Item ordered, proceeded to checkout but the rejected my payment because of an unverified address; ( has never ever shown the last 4 digits key code in my credit card statement, either). Well, it all seemed, that could finally make things work. The payment went through without any inconvenience. A day later I learnt from the Store that the item was in "sold out" status and a refund was to be issued on my credit card. I has helped me to test payments system, that´s the good news!!!!

Two orders cancelled
Reviewed by Panoramix Top Reviewer  /  March 17 2008
I have purchased two items through and which at once seemed to be very affordable. A few days later both webstores displayed item´s status as "shipped". Surprisingly, a week later both items were cancelled and the correspondent refunds were issued.
Does anyone need more negative feedbacks?

individual sellers
Reviewed by bergiemoore  /  February 02 2008
It's difficult to rate this site because everyone is an individual. I bought three books. Some come sooner than others, but they have less control over that than the post office along the way.

service was OK
Reviewed by rondo  /  January 14 2008
I bought a book with them, and the service was OK, I got the book that I wanted.

Good service
Reviewed by nguyentuan64 Top Reviewer  /  August 17 2007
Unlike other reviewers, I had great service and no complaint. Shipment is fast, with great wrapping. Would buy from again.

1 out of 3
Reviewed by Book-Lover  /  July 21 2007
I ordered 3 books form this sight at the same time. Two were cancelled because not available! To their credit I was notified rather quickly, but it was still frustrating.

To clarify some misconceptions about this "store" For the most part it is just private individuals or small stores advertising their books through there site, much like ebay,, or amazon market place. If you do not choos pririty shipping it will be sent by media mail which *can* take weeks to arrive; try to select a "ships from" location as close to you as possible. If it *is* coming from "a1books" they will be listed as the seller.

I order this way from Amazon Market Place and very frequently and it is extreamly rare for a seller to say they do not have the book. 2 out of the 3 undeliverable I ordered from here was not good! I definitely will think long and hard before ever ordering from this site again.

Validated shipping adresses?
Reviewed by Panoramix Top Reviewer  /  April 02 2007
There are many foreign companies that offer courier services to non US residents like me by having a virtual shipping address in the US; packages are later sent to our countries via courier and goods arrive safely in two and a half weeks time, average.

A1books needs a validated shipping address, that means, a shipping address associated with a credit card. How can I have a validated shipping address in the US, when my credit card has been issued overseas. One is supposed to submit a billing address for billing purposes as well and that address should match my credit card records. I live overseas and I cannot have my credit card paid nowhere else than in my own country.

It all seems I should deliver parcels to be shipped via regular mail and have a long long wait for them.

Bad service
Reviewed by jjay  /  March 25 2007
After I asked about a tracking number, it took them three days to tell me there was no tracking number at all. Then, later, after 21 business days the book had not arrived.
Go to some other store.

A-1 Books
Reviewed by itsycat  /  August 04 2006
Excellent service and quick shipping.

All divisions A1Books, all venues(direct, eBay, etc.)
Reviewed by ontogenist  /  March 01 2006
My opinion: Avoid temptation to save like $2 per book, shop elsewhere unless you enjoy zero contact capability, excessive ship time, no method to dispute nondelivery or misdelivery. A1 purposely and continuously places ads for materials not actually in stock with no advance knowledge they can procure and deliver product. This appears to be a drop-ship business acting as outlet for 3rd-party wholesalers, 3rd-party shippers. Prior to your order (or bid), recommend you verify you can personally contact and receive response from A1 Help Desk. Seriously, spend ~$2 more and buy elsewhere until A1Books undergoes and implements crash business process review. Their present business model is noncompetitive in the 2006 online environment. Preceding is one shopper's experience and opinion only.

Reviewed by Jack  /  February 04 2006
I strongly suggest not to buy book at this store, shipped after 5 days and did not get book in two weeks. The track no is useless. Nobody know when it will arrive, probably they delieve the book by Bicycle. Worest Experience!!!

Reviewed by iy13  /  January 24 2006
Brand-new, Ship time 3 days, and 3 copies left?
It turned out that they are all lies. It's just that my personal information was taken. Don't trust this sellr, tied with Abebook.

Arrived fine, but not shipped in one day.
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 12 2006
I ordered Wed Jan 4 in the late afernoon. "Order Received" email arrived early the next morning. USPS reported electronic information received on Sat the 7th. Book arrived well packaged in good condition, in Colorado from New Jersey, on Th the 12th. 8 previous orders spread evenly between 2004 & 5 were all OK

great , no problems
Reviewed by bossybooklets  /  November 14 2005
i have ordered over 50 books over the past year, never had a problem, if it was out of stock i was told immediately and refunded immediately, but most of the time the books arrive within 2 weeks and in like new condition. It isnt A1 you have to watch its the individual booksellers as with any site. look at their rating first before making a purchase.

Never order anything from this store
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 26 2005
This store sells air. They advertize books that they
don't have. If your are lucky after a couple of months,
they find a book from some other source, but then
the price is much higher.

Reading and Understanding More Multivariate Statistics
Reviewed by hgy001  /  September 11 2005
So slow shopping, almost two weeks and I still don't see the book. A1book----you need wait A year!

you better try other store
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 07 2005
I had order a math book, I was waiting for almost two weeks. My math class was already giving us lots of homework. Then 2 wks after they send me a message saying that they were out of stock. I highly recommend you to try some other store like amazon. I always buy from them, but I wanted to try something different. But now I know for next time.

Poor customer service
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 11 2005
I recently received a book from A1 Books, and when I finished reading it, I realized the last several pages of the book were missing. (You'll notice they do not provide a phone number, so if you ever have to contact them, you have to write a letter.) After I sent the letter, they did call but were less than helpful. They did not apologize at all and basically said there was nothing I could do about it since they do not have an exchange program. They then said I could return the book at my cost and they would charge me 10% as a fee of returning the book. I will not do business with them again.

Stick with them long enough - you'll eventually get burned
Reviewed by Guest  /  July 30 2005
I had ordered from them successfully in the past with no apparent problems. My most recent order from them, however, was totally different. Evidently they do not want my business. The book I ordered was listed in three separate places by them, including eBay. I chose the least expensive option and three days later they canceled my order, saying they could not get the book - and that I should not reorder it either. I watched their listings and they continued putting new listings for the same book in several places. I emailed them several times asking why they could not get the book, but continued to offer it for sale all over the internet. They either avoided the real issue in several emails or the people working there are just not too smart! They were very rude and uncooperative, and I felt like they just wanted to get more money for the book via other avenues. I will never order from them again.

Dishonorable, Poor Service
Reviewed by Kung Fu  /  July 05 2005
The book I ordered never arrived. Despite having ordered and paid for a number of books from them through the years, the people at A1Books were rude and refused to refund my money when I contacted them.

Though it was only for $27.50, I had to protest the charge to my credit card. The post office confirmed that they did not provide appropriate safeguards with their delivery. A1Books also clearly confirmed by their actions that they are both dishonorable and reprehensible.

I would never trust them again.

good to me
Reviewed by bergiemoore  /  May 04 2005
I've read some of comments here, but I've nad two dealings with them and always gotten the lowest price and my books in exceptional condition, in a timely manner. I would do business with them agian. As for the third party seller, this is the same business that Amazon uses- third parties, though they may be more upfront about it. I've had no complaints though, and would galdly use them in the future.

Good Service
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 28 2005
I received the book 13 days after I placed the order (prior to the end of the quoted period). The book was in like new condition. Would recommend and use again.


Alternetive to Amazon
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 27 2005
Purchase arrived quickly and in great condition. Seems there are cheaper alternatives to Amazon.

Extremely unresponsive and unprofessional
Reviewed by skamran  /  March 07 2005
I ordered a book from them on 1/24 which I never got. I sent them and the third party seller (booksocheap - several emails with no response. Finally on 2/28 I sent them an email stating that I was about to take legal action against them. I got a response stating that the book had been back-ordered and they will be refunding my money in early March.

I would never buy from a company (or an individual) that does not believe in communication.


wonderful service
Reviewed by ZW  /  March 06 2005
According to my experience, they provided wonderful service with quick delivery and good item.

Positive experience
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 12 2005
I purchased a book from them and everything worked perfectly. I received email confirmation and shipping update very fast. The book arrived sooner than expected.

Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware)!
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 07 2005
Beware of this dealer! Hidden in their web pages where you will not see it (not on the pages you see in making a purchase) is the following: "All items purchased through the Site are shipped via a third party common carrier. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon delivery to the carrier." When a book I ordered costing over $90 never arrived, they told me it was my loss for which they had no responsbility. Fortunately, my credit card company removed the charge from my account and debited A1 books when I told them about their business practices. But other purchasers may not have been so lucky. If you buy from them, you may get nothing and lose your money.

Slow Service
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 03 2005
I've ordered a couple of times because they had the best price, but they take their sweet time sending books out. I prefer buying from smaller sellers, who usually provide faster and more friendly service.

Reviewed by Guest  /  February 02 2005
I ordered the book on 1/3, and have not received it as of 2/2, despite the information from the vendor that it was shipped on 1/11. Three day e-mail response time for inquiries is also unacceptable.

This Site Is a Screw Up
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 26 2005
They have no over the phone customer service don't even try it. It takes them three days to reply to an email you send. They also don't offer any expedited shipping, only 14 day shipping times. They shipped to the wrong location so I will end up having to pay to ship to me. Which means I could have paid the extra to buy it elsewhere and of course I will next time.

Reviewed by Guest  /  January 21 2005
always good transactions

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