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Reviewed by asetsemesta  /  October 28 2017

Reviewed by asetsemesta  /  October 28 2017
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Reviewed by DLBuff  /  May 07 2014
Abebooks has delivered books in a timely manner and are in the condition stated.

Abe Books has always been great
Reviewed by chicitysue Top Reviewer  /  September 15 2012
I've ordered a lot of books from Abe Books and find this store to be great.

No problems with Abebooks for over 10 years
Reviewed by DNoson  /  May 22 2012
I have ordered used books with Abebooks on at least 30 or 40 occasions, and NEVER a problem. It is even possible to email the bookseller directly to confirm the edition, condition of the book, and any other questions about the order. Abebooks is a great service.

I have always had wonderful service from Abe Books
Reviewed by chicitysue Top Reviewer  /  December 01 2011
I have been using Abe Books for over ten years and find their service wonderful.

Love It
Reviewed by charlee101  /  October 25 2011
Best Online Book Search EVER!!

AbeBooks is very reliable
Reviewed by chicitysue Top Reviewer  /  October 18 2011
I have ordered from AbeBooks many times and have never had a problem of any type.

Orderin from Abebooks since 2001, never a problem
Reviewed by afn33282  /  August 22 2011
Abebooks is my first pick, over big corporations like Amazon. I have never experienced a problem with orders through them.

AbeBooks has been extremely reliable for me for 10 years
Reviewed by chicitysue Top Reviewer  /  April 26 2011
I have never ever had a problem with AbeBooks in at least 10 years.

still give them top rating
Reviewed by Raffi_F  /  February 27 2011
I use it for the past 8 years. Great customer service (from their end and the bookstores I used so far).

Some credit due
Reviewed by gmhendo  /  February 09 2011
Well I wrote an uncomplimentary review and was surprised to receive a response from Abe Books. They offered an explanation that whilst not especially helpful, at least it showed that they are not indifferent to their clients. So I give them some credit.

Reviewed by gmhendo  /  February 08 2011
Once again I am let down by this seller. Accepts the order then defaults. Does not honour the contractual obligation to supply the book, just says they can't supply, no longer their problem. Waste of time, don't bother. They earn their 2 star rating.

Reviewed by susie7  /  January 30 2011
Never really had any issues with Abe, all my books arrived correct and on time, even travelling across the world to Australia. Have been able to find even difficult titles without much trouble

I have never had a problem with Abebooks
Reviewed by chicitysue Top Reviewer  /  October 20 2010
I have always had a positive experience with Abebooks. I have never had to cancel an order, however.

Reviewed by jamiegirl1969  /  August 31 2010
Abebooks will charge you a $.69 transaction fee even if the ordered is cancelled ON THEIR END.

I ordered a book, and mysteriously it "was cancelled by them" and they still charged me $.69 for placing the order.

I complained I want my money back. They said that the transaction took place in Canada and the fee applies.
Well this is America you scam artists, and in this country-no sellee no money kapish?

Funny thing they had the balls to send me a "coupon" to reel me in. I'd love to meet their marketing team (us .69 suckers pay their salary I bet)

Oh here's a coupon: not

Wow get a load of it. Just think of some rich bastard sitting on his a$$ all day posting books that PROBABLY DONT EXIST so he can make $.69 a pop doing nothing.

You do the math.

Very Disappointed
Reviewed by pjmrees  /  August 01 2010
I ordered 8 books at one time and it took over a week for Abebooks to tell me (one by one, 8 different emails) that they could not provide even 1!!!

Better off with Amazon, don't risk it if you are in a hurry or need something special.

This store is Awsome
Reviewed by Kalyns Book Korner  /  April 02 2010
I use Abe Books for many reasons. They emails they send me on up to date books of a high rate scale. The books I have bought from ABE's is always wonderful conditions. I have also used the buy back section which funds are sent to my Pay Pal account within one week.

Cancelled order
Reviewed by gmhendo  /  January 26 2010
Abe accepted an order for a book, and took payment. Abe could not deliver, so unilaterally cancelled the order. Did not look to other suppliers, just left me out to dry as school semester was about to begin.
I complained by email. A robot sent me a useless reply, and I still have no book.
Any other business would try to supply from elsewhere - not Abe. I will not ever use them again, they are not worthy, and do not respect their clients.

User beware
Reviewed by toolman  /  September 20 2009
It has been my experience, when dealing with this web site through, that many of the prices listed are not available on the site and they tend to have the highest shipping charges. More concerning to me than this is in half my transactions i have received requests for additional charges from those that have been listed. Be careful ordering books outside continental US.

no probs with my order
Reviewed by bbreeze  /  September 02 2009
Got my order within 5 days and the shipping didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

Out of Stock Bullshit
Reviewed by soujiro  /  June 27 2009
How the fuck can you list something that you don't fucking have? Fucking update your shit!

Abe's Books
Reviewed by Flowercurls  /  June 23 2009
I have purchased several books from Abe's Books.I have found the store to be very professional, courteous, and quick in response to service to me.
I have never had a problem whatsoever with them.In fact, they are extremely nice to the point of even being kind in their interaction with me as a customer.I have also taken note that they have very low prices, some books even just one penny!
You will never regret purchasing books from Abe's Books!I am very satisfied with every book I have procured from this company.

the worst possible
Reviewed by rayx0095  /  March 09 2009
Abebook always pops up as a cheaper option on fetch but when you try to buy the book the shipping is over 20$ if its an international seller,making the book more expensive than on Amazon thus defeating the whole purpose of a price alert

Multiple orders and never a problem
Reviewed by jeretic  /  November 18 2008
I've ordered around 20 books from them and have never had a problem. This includes orders from Europe.

shady practices
Reviewed by gnuemu  /  October 22 2008
the price shown on fetch book and on their site more than doubled when i put it in my shopping cart. all i got from them was pat, formulated responses via emails from them.

shady practices
Reviewed by gnuemu  /  October 22 2008
the price shown on fetch book and on their site more than doubled when i put it in my shopping cart. all i got from them was pat, formulated responses via emails from them.

Kind of...
Reviewed by anar  /  August 27 2008
I found Abebook store is kind of awful. I mean, so far so good. I got all my items shipped perfectly. But somehow this store is awfully slow comparing to Ebay & Amazon. It's either caused by people who sell item there. But generally i got other items from Amazon and Ebay which I ordered late. I found Ebay is actually more reliable and fast. Another thing is this store charges some strange thing which is called currency converter. I really didn't get that. I didn't understand why Abebook store charged me, since I've ordered sellers in USA.

Reviewed by cheezy23  /  June 26 2008
Very fast delivery, i ordered a book from here 3 days ago and just received it today

Abe Books -- avoid
Reviewed by Jonesy  /  June 10 2008
purchased a book in April. Seller posted it as shipped. Contacted the seller after a month (still waiting for the book) and they told me that they hadn't even received the book yet from the publisher. I don't appreciate being lied to about my purchases. Initiated a refund six weeks ago; still waiting for my money. I have no book. I have no refund. Yes, its the seller's business, but it's ABEbooks' business too. They have crappy sellers, they should suffer too.

Abe Books -- avoid
Reviewed by Jonesy  /  June 10 2008
purchased a book in April. Seller posted it as shipped. Contacted the seller after a month (still waiting for the book) and they told me that they hadn't even received the book yet from the publisher. I don't appreciate being lied to about my purchases. Initiated a refund six weeks ago; still waiting for my money. I have no book. I have no refund. Yes, its the seller's business, but it's ABEbooks' business too. They have crappy sellers, they should suffer too.

Abe Books -- avoid
Reviewed by Jonesy  /  June 10 2008
purchased a book in April. Seller posted it as shipped. Contacted the seller after a month (still waiting for the book) and they told me that they hadn't even received the book yet from the publisher. I don't appreciate being lied to about my purchases. Initiated a refund six weeks ago; still waiting for my money. I have no book. I have no refund. Yes, its the seller's business, but it's ABEbooks' business too. They have crappy sellers, they should suffer too.

consistently excellent over several years
Reviewed by j.crois  /  June 07 2008
have repeatedly found out-of-print/HTF books at decent prices which were always sent within a reasonable time. the longest time i had to wait was for a book from the UK--took a whopping 3 week.s

No problems here
Reviewed by horsemom  /  March 31 2008
I have purchased quite a number of books from Abebooks. I've never had a problem. Merchandise is a advertised and it's received in a timely manner considering it is media mail. They carry a good variety of fairly rare books at good prices.

Cancellation after payment. No refunds yet.
Reviewed by parsim  /  February 15 2008
After I paid for the book, they cancelled the transaction. Rason given is "we do not have this book". Have not recieved any refund yet.

very good
Reviewed by xxd775  /  December 01 2007
The best from my own experience!

Reviewed by nguyentuan64 Top Reviewer  /  October 06 2007
No problem after multiple transactions.

All lies...guess they are personally walking it to me...
Reviewed by gimmemygrade  /  September 18 2007
Purchased a textbook that I really needed for class and was certain it would arrive in time. Status still says "shipped," and it's been almost three weeks. Had to contact another seller and buy from them. Paid extra for faster shipping and that's what gets me more upset. Now I have to deal with the whole return process, what a headache. Do not buy from this site if you need fast shipping...24 hr. transaction not shipping!!

best bargains of the marketplace sites
Reviewed by GMal Top Reviewer  /  September 11 2007
ABE, like Biblio, Alibris, or Amazon Marketplace, sells books via third parties, so if the book doesn't arrive, the book is unavailable, or the seller doesn't respond to your emails, it's not really ABE's fault. Having said that, I find a much higher proportion of orders are canceled or refunded on ABE than on Amazon Marketplace, and you may have to wait a long time, until well after the time that the book was supposed to arrive, before you can claim your refund. On the other hand, you can claim your refund directly from ABE, unlike with Amazon Mkt, so you're not at the mercy of the seller. The shipping times and costs can vary a lot with different sellers, so don't be put off if your first few experiences with them are negative. (The first 2 orders I placed via ABE were supposedly shipped but never arrived. One seller lied and said he shipped the book when later I determined that he hadn't, since the book hadn't even been released yet, while the other seller never responded to any emails, even emails that ABE sent to him. But in both cases ABE refunded my money , although I had to wait a couple of months before I could claim it, since the expected shipping periods were 2 months longs and ABE makes you wait another 2 weeks after the last expected shipping date. I've placed 33 other orders with ABE since then and have had a similar experience only one other time.) I have a couple of other complaints about ABE's site: There's no place where you can give ratings for sellers, although now at least ABE is telling you what proportion of a seller's orders are fulfilled (some less than 50%!). Also, many books are not listed by ISBN, so they don't show up on many searches by, e.g., It pays to search hard and often on this site since most of the best bargains that I found were there.

Finally, I will list some of the worst independent sellers that I've encountered on ABE (and sometimes elsewhere): SB Bozzani, DEA Store, Baalaji Books, cbookmart (=Ben Artoge), and Winghaven. From my experince, Italian sellers are particularly dodgy, while Chinese and Indians are hit or miss (either you get a very cheap international edition, or you get nothing at all, and don't expect a reply to your emails). Of all the excellent sellers that I've dealt with, Antiquariat Renner and BetterWorldBooks stand out.

Reviewed by Viva  /  August 18 2007
Item ordered was out of stock.
Now I'm waiting for a credit to my bank account, and don't have the book that I need for class.
If the company would have updated their listing on, I wouldn't be in this situation.

Great service
Reviewed by nguyentuan64 Top Reviewer  /  August 17 2007
Great site with fast shipment and good prices. Store does not list the items by price, but this may be because randomness is more fair for the sellers.

Reviewed by Hong Kah  /  June 30 2007
The choice is amazing. No bad experiences so far.

ABE Books
Reviewed by Buzz69  /  June 30 2007
I've ordered many books, and never had a bad experience.

Always good until my last order
Reviewed by Marlene-TC  /  June 15 2007
I've ordered a lot of books on Abebooks. For my friends in The USA and for myself.
I've always wondered why there is no rating system or for that matter a forum where you can get help.

Well, like the last reviewer I ordered a book from(Bestbargainstores)
The book never arrived. The thing is, this seller has never contacted me, not how to pay,(I figured that out myself) and not after my 2 emails inquiring about my book. Very rude
It seems that I've lost my money but what bugs me most is the rudeness of just leaving you in mid air.
I am not going to buy there anymore thanks to one bad seller.

Won't respond to inquiries
Reviewed by thevelvetsea  /  June 13 2007
I ordered a book from this seller, never recevied it, and have received no reply to my emails. I find them unprofessional.

Ordered Hardcopy, got Softcopy
Reviewed by leonf  /  May 27 2007
I ordered a book in hardcopy. What I received was the softcopy version. I complained to the seller and all I got was "Gee, I'm really sorry". No more for me with this outfit.

On listing books in two (or more) places
Reviewed by rarecopy  /  May 07 2007
We all do this. In practice it's very rare to find oneself selling to two people simultaneously. This is obviously more likely to happen with a very sought-after book, so in those cases I personally stick to one 'agent'. If I have a book in an ebay auction (not something I do very often as highly risk-averse) I cancel my listings elsewhere as soon as I get my first bid. Book-sellers are human! We make mistakes, and sometimes we forget to cancel. However, the worst offenders in the non-arrival stakes are certain very high-volume sellers, usually US-based, who mostly advertise on Amazon. Some are fine, some are plain awful, and when you complain, the resulting email is close to illiterate, as if English is not their first language. However, I have never failed to get a refund, even from them. I'd like to tell you who are the worst offenders but I'd probably get sued!

Be careful to note the shipping country!
Reviewed by quijote_de_la_mancha  /  January 20 2007
Although abebooks will sometimes show up as the cheapest on fetchbook, you must be careful to note whether or not the item is being shipped from the US or from another country. For some reason, fetchbook misses this and you must be careful and often return to your search for the next-cheapest item.

Often list items they don't have
Reviewed by quijote_de_la_mancha  /  January 20 2007
I am only a buyer from abebooks for academic purposes, and I like that they offer some harder-to-find books (foreign language and special editions). Nevertheless, more often than not I receive an email from them a day or two later saying the item is not in stock and then I am forced to buy it from another store and have lost time and when buying many books, can be confusing. That is their only fault from my perspective. On items they do have, service is always swift and satisfactory.

Best wishes!

bad experience
Reviewed by moemie  /  December 09 2006
My experience with Abebooks are rather negative. I ordered a book more than 3 months ago and the book never reached me. After the first email, I only got an automated email that they send my mail to the bookseller. When I mailed again I got the automated message that I was too late to get a refund. Later on I got an evaluation form. For me this is very cynic and arrogant. I kept all my mail, so I could forward it to anyone who would like to see it.

ABE Books and a Nonexisting Rating System
Reviewed by Book_Lover  /  December 06 2006
I have had similar experiences -- good and bad with ABEbooks over the past year. Though I have indicated to ABEBooks that they should adopt a rating system similar to that of Ebay, they have not acted on it. Therefore, I wonder what it is in the mind of ABEBooks that keeps insisting on protecting the bad sellers. By harboring the bad apples, ABEBooks is therefore also complicit in the all of the bad experiences that most of us have faced. In the mean time, I have just refused to consider ABEBooks, but have used others who have a rating system. This allows me to establish some kind of a risk vs reward picture when I have to purchase from a particular seller.

Who are the honest bookstores? Multi-listing WARNING
Reviewed by BookButterfly  /  October 15 2006
... or perhaps more importantly who are the dishonest? I firmly believe Abebooks should have a rating system for their individual booksellers.

I have had a good experiences with them & also bad.

After reading some of the previous comments I wanted to let people know something I suspected for some time but which was confirmed to me recently. Besides advertising books they do not have in stock, some bookstores will list books in more than one place. I came across one book on eBay the other day and going to Abe to compare the price, discovered that the same bookstore was listing the same book there too! Same shop name, shop location & book details).

So?? you say. Well, what happens when the book has a buyer on Abe? Do they send it off and when some poor unsuspecting bidder on eBay wins the item... perhaps it gets lost in the mail? How would they explain this to the bidder? Ever read feedback on eBay & wondered who is telling the truth? Just the odd book... maybe it did get lost in the mail... Sometimes the sellers won't answer their emails... hmmm, makes me a tad suspiscious. Or maybe the Abe buyer just has to wait 7-10 days until the eBay auction ends before the book is sent because what if the bookseller can get a better deal?

What happens if the bidding runs high on the eBay book? More than likely the Abe purchaser misses out with a belated "sorry, out of stock"!!!

I find the multi-listing of an individual book, at the least, irresponsible & in some cases dishonest. The bookseller if selling on eBay should take the book off of Abe for the duration of the auction.

These book sellers don't always use the same bookstore name on both eBay & Abe so it is sometimes hard to tell but the signs are the same location, same text for condition of the book etc.

It is a pity Abe's feedback rating has to suffer because of some stores but perhaps Abe should ACT ON IT!!!

Just beware...

Reviewed by Raffi_F  /  September 16 2006
I use Abebooks services almost 5 years, I order aprox. 30 books, and never had a problem.
When I contact custumer service to ask a question, they answered in 24 hours.
I think they should creat a system that credit goog book stores (like Ebay).

excellent book shop
Reviewed by itzik  /  September 15 2006
every book you want...28 books received without any problem...

They have no control over their sellers
Reviewed by Javid  /  September 14 2006
I had to cancel my order because they cannot force their seller to respond. I paid twice the shipping charges and after 10 days the status was indicating that they cannot process the transaction; why? Simply if your card is not visa or mastercard (my case discover) the site cannot process it. So be smart not make my mistake specially when the classes have already been started!

Algebra Book
Reviewed by gman59  /  September 13 2006
This store is a complete waste of time. I ordered from them and the seller ( and even shipped the item.
After waiting a week and only after inquiring about the status of the book was I told that the book was cancelled.
It's obvious that my mistake too was to assume that all sellers are legit and worthy of the consumers time.
Please stay away from these people.
This site definitley deserves Minus - 5 stars

Great service every time
Reviewed by ksmyth  /  September 06 2006
I can only speak for my own experience, but I have nothing bad to say about Abebooks. I have ordered a dozen times, including international orders to the UK, and had all of my items arrive in the Pacific Northwest within ten days. Many of the books were specialty history and out of print--there's is the best selection I've encountered. I will continue to use their services.

Books you can find nowhere else on Planet Earth!
Reviewed by vvolkman  /  September 01 2006 is one-stop-shopping for rare books from the 19th and 18th century. They have the largest number of antiquarian dealers you will ever find in one place. If they don't have it at Abebooks, forget it.

I've bought from them since 1999
Reviewed by baubo  /  August 27 2006
and I have never had a problem. I usually don't find textbooks much cheaper on ABEBOOKS; what I use it for is out-of-print books and used scholarly books. The prices sometimes are dramatically less than places like Amazon. I have had no problems with service.

Reviewed by Emmy724  /  August 07 2006
For everyone who left negative remarks about this company was not using the right seller. Here is a tip : get the ISBN for the book you need, not just the name. You can not go wrong with the ISBN. I bought a book on here using the ISBN for $6.oo the college I am going to is selling it for $65. Both books are used and the book I bought through abebooks looks much better then some I have seen the college sell!

Service and support
Reviewed by rgu  /  July 28 2006
Unlike other used book services on the net, these people assume absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for the sellers for whom they shill. If they were the last book reseller on earth ....

Missing books!
Reviewed by oceantide  /  July 23 2006
Mysterious site. I ordered some books and it took almost a week to process the order. Ordered 2 books and only got the one I didnt care about getting. I had heard this site sucks and had a bad feeling about it, and low and behold, they lived up to the bad rap. The whole thing from start to finish seemed very fishy. I think the book I didnt get sold after I bought it on another site for more money or something. When I wrote the seller they had a shaky story wich made me realize Abebooks doesnt care what thier merchants do, or even if the customer is happy or not. I order many used books and have never had this happen before. and
Reviewed by Panoramix Top Reviewer  /  July 18 2006
I have placed many orders at both stores and, until now, I have never experienced problems with them. In one single case my orders have been canceled because an unreliable seller.

Despite their Website is quite simple and their searching tools might be restricted at glance, Abebooks has allowed me ordering books from all over the world, even from countries in the far east like India.

great site
Reviewed by mattnyc  /  July 17 2006
i've used abebooks for a while now with no problems ever. plus i enjoy their site because the descriptions of the book's quality far exceeds any other site I've visited. never a problem with shipping speed or my order. highly recommend.

If you're gonna call yourself a bookstore...
Reviewed by rickweed  /  July 06 2006
maybe, just maybe, you oughta occasionally sell some books. Between March of 2005 and July of 2006 I attempted to order books from Abebooks 3 times. Books listed as being in stock. Books orders were accepted for. Three times I got nothing from Abebooks. Once Abebooks did take my money and then kept it for over a week. For nothing. If you want nothing I heartily recommend Abebooks. If you actually want books I suggest you take your business elsewhere.

The worst!
Reviewed by Kimberly  /  July 06 2006
I have no idea why AbeBooks calls themselves a book "seller." They NEVER have the books I order. No consideration at all for the customer's time.

abe books
Reviewed by margaretC  /  June 24 2006
Ordering from Australia and never had a problem. Like their service, books arrive well packed and in good condition.

book never came
Reviewed by soloporfe  /  June 21 2006
I ordered and sent payment, but my book never came, the shopkeeper did not respond to my emails or refund my money, and abebooks sent me a form response to my customer service query. Never again!!!

Reviewed by dgphilli  /  May 22 2006
hardly ever get the books that i order. why bother using this service

unprincipled money-grubbers
Reviewed by dont_mourn  /  February 15 2006
Abebooks started out saying they would be a bookseller's dream. Well, they are now this bookseller's nightmare. Apart from charging sellers stiff monthly listing fees, they introduced a commission on each and every sale, first 5%, then 8%. They then took away store contact information, so buyers and sellers couldn't connect easily. Now they have announced they will not allow sellers to use their own merchant accounts to process orders by credit card -- another huge blow to booksellers. Why is this a blow? Sellers have their own rates with credit card companies -- and usually have to pay just 1.5%-2.5% for each sale. Abe will charge a whopping 5.5%. Customers beware!! Sellers are jacking up their prices on Abe to compensate for all the losses mentioned above, and you can certainly find what you are looking for at least 10-20% cheaper on other multidealer sites.

Nothing but good experiences
Reviewed by Liv  /  February 15 2006
I have shopped with Abebooks several times, and have never been less than fully satisfied.

Best on the Internet
Reviewed by kellyb  /  February 05 2006
I am a philosophy Ph.D student who has bought hundreds (yes hundreds!) of books on-line. Most have been from Abebooks, where I have never had a problem. Abebooks is without a doubt the best place to look for used books, followed by Amazon Marketplace. But remember that Abebooks (like Amazon Marketplace) is not a store, but thousands of stores. The sellers on the site include the most reputable and well-stocked bookstores in the U.S. and Canada (as well as many overseas sellers). Buyers can check out a store web page before buying. Beware of anything from India on this or ANY other site. The book quality is usually poor. Also beware of other internet "textbook" sites listed on Abebooks or ANY other site as if they were stores. Use real booksellers.

Worst online purchasing experience ever!
Reviewed by MikeyH  /  January 24 2006
The seller will not contact me and the book has not shown up. I wish i would have read the reviews on this sorry site before i purchased! I will never order from them again! Buyer beware!

Oh My--Beware
Reviewed by Noel B  /  January 23 2006
I know that I am giving a bad review to a bookseller forum, but I feel that Abe Books should come up with a way (like Feedback) to weed out the bad sellers from its site. So that is why Abe books as a whole is getting yet another bad review. I bought a college textbook from a seller who said they shipped from San Jose, CA, it was the "international edition," softcover, cheap price. I could have gotten it cheaper from some seller in India but didn't want to wait. I ordered on Jan 8th, received Jan 23rd. First of all the book came from India anyway. Second of all the cover was wrapped in some sad looking cardboard and plastic that left the top and bottom of the book exposed, oh, and a rubberband. I ordered a new book. It was crushed in every which way it could have been, the whole binding was messed up. The seller said the only difference in the book was the binding (not hardcover), but the pages were so cheap I could see right trough them and everything was in B&W--this stuff was not mentioned. Also, the cover of the book directly states that it is illegal to circulate this book outside of India, Singapore and a bunch of other countries that does not include anywhere in the Americas. Now I have to pay to send this book back to India, order another one (not from Abe Books of course)and hope I can catch up on this school reading quick. My fault for being cheap.

Reviewed by Guest  /  January 13 2006
Is it true that so many people have had trouble with abebooks? Does everyone understand that abe is an umbrella organization for thousands of individual dealers? I have placed many orders with dealers through the abebooks website, and have never had a problem. I may yet, but that is understandable; no one is perfect. I have ordered solely using the internet, and I have contacted various dealers by phone to ask about a book. Always had a good experience. Perhaps it is best to visit a dealer's page, or even call or e-mail through abebooks. I don't always receive a reply by e-mailing, but thankfully I have yet to be ripped off.

a place for cheap quality books
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 11 2006
I have bought a few books here, they arrived promptly and at good quality even they are used books.

Terrible service
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 08 2006
Bought a book, payed... it's been a month later and i have not getten anything yet. Seller won't even reply... Very crappy service, I'll never make another purchase here!!!

Cancelled order ... not in stock ?
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 06 2006

ABEbooks has now more than once cancelled an order that was "not in stock". They REALLY need to stay up to date with the booksellers. If it's on their web site and says deliverable then it should be available !! Is that so hard to do ?? Anyway I'm done with them ...

Great book buying experience
Reviewed by DJYoder  /  January 04 2006
Fast shipping, book arrived in wonderful condition, etc., as described. Thanks for the great price on the product I wanted!

General Review
Reviewed by Guest  /  December 30 2005
For those who are willing to do some research up front, I think is a great resource. I've found many books elsewhere that I ended up purchasing on abebooks primarily b/c their price was lowest for the quality I wanted. We were able to give a good friend a signed copy of the Muppets' gold standard ("Of Muppets and Men") - signed by Jim Henson himself - for $300. listed a copy of the book (unsigned) for $400.

That being said, it is a case of caveat emptor. Investigate a seller before sending your money. I could see it being very easy to get burned by unscrupulous mega-listers. If you're not interested in investigating first, don't go with abebooks.

Reviewed by Kimberly  /  December 27 2005
Yet another book order was cancelled several days after placing. I'm SO tired of wasting my time with people whose inventory is (apparently) never up to date therefore will not bother with Abebooks in the future.

My purchase
Reviewed by Guest  /  December 19 2005
The book did not come from Abebooks but it did show up as promised.

My experience with ABE books (Europe no less)
Reviewed by Guest  /  December 18 2005
I ordered a new textbook (cheaper than a used copy here in the USA, including shipping). I get a prompt e-mail from the England bookseller saying that it is backordered and should be in stock in about a week. Within two weeks time, I have the textbook which is in perfect condition and I was only charged $7 shipping. I admit I was very leery of buying overseas but it was a wonderful positive experience. I will definitely do it again!

Still Waiting
Reviewed by Ben  /  December 17 2005
Okay, marketplace where independent seller mingle is always like this. If you are lucky with the seller, cool. If not, who to blame? The website!

Anyway, I've placed an order since Oct 27 and now Christmas is ringing at my door; it's still ON ITS WAY! Can you really blame the website? Why not!

They are unwilling to sell book for the price advertized
Reviewed by Guest  /  December 14 2005
They do have the book I ordered, but cancelled the order because they are unwilling to sell the book for the price advertized.

I hope I get my money back
Reviewed by Guest  /  December 12 2005
I ordered a book, paid for it, and then got an e-mail saying that they didn't actually have it in stock. Disappointing...

Advertised book that wasn't available
Reviewed by Guest  /  December 06 2005
Ordered a used book, 2 days later received email that book was not available. Credit card wasn't charged.

Swings and Roundabouts
Reviewed by ashleyng  /  November 30 2005
Several out of print books arrived promptly and in good condition, and I was happy. Conversely, one book I ordered was from an out-dated catalogue and my order was cancelled with considerable loss, due to the change in exchange rates.
I would be extremely cautious about spending any more than $20.
Read the feedback to see who you may be able to trust.

Excellent service,book arrived in 7-8days
Reviewed by Guest  /  November 29 2005
The experience has been great. No problems.

Reviewed by Guest  /  November 26 2005
I ordered a architecture handbook and paid $102.00 plus shipping from Abe Books. They sent a 'student manual' - the WRONG book. I returned it to them, and have never received my book! They have NEVER returned any of my numerous emails concerning this, and I cannot find any phone number to contact them.

Reviewed by Guest  /  November 17 2005
10,000+ used booksellers, few problems here that don't exist on similar sites(Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Alibris, Biblio, etc.)especially since many of the same sellers list their books at all these sites (one reason why books may not be available is they just sold at another site). Working direct with the actual bookseller rather than thru some middle broker (some of whom "hide" the actual bookseller) much preferred; booksellers like the fact that ABE only takes about 1/2 the exorbitant fees of the big fellas (& doesn't rake off any of the postage fees collected like the biggies do either). Any order can be returned for full credit if not up to snuff,including postage if the seller is in error re condition, etc.

Caution -- Sellers padding ratings to beef up ratings
Reviewed by Guest  /  November 08 2005
Abebooks is NOT a single bookstore but is a venue for others to sell books through them. However Abebooks do not seem to want to control their sellers who keep cancelling orders and messing up everybody who wants the book quickly. My suggestion is to go to other bookstores and buy from them since these other bookstores would control the renegrade booksellers who keep cancelling orders for no apparent reason.

Never received book order
Reviewed by Guest  /  November 04 2005
I ordered 1776 by David McCullough. Paid with my credit card. Not received it. Over 2 months later, received a credit.

ABE is NOT One Single Store!
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 30 2005
Many people "reviewing" here may be under the impression that ABE is one single store. It is not. Rather, it is a group of thousands of independent booksellers around the world, most of which value their business and their customers and, conversely, their quality customer service. The biggest problem ABE is having is that, in the past year, ABE has started allowing megasellers to list with them. Many of these megasellers are, by and large, unreliable, provide vague book descriptions, double-list the same books with and without "free" shipping, often don't even have the listed book in stock, and have lousy customer service. This reflects negatively on ABE as a whole and, for those people who look at ABE as a single entity, on ALL of ABE's booksellers. As a seller on ABE, it is important to me as it is to most ABE sellers that ABE's reputation in the online bookselling marketplace be better than what is shown on this site. If any of you EVER have a problem with a bookseller on ABE, you SHOULD complain, not only to ABE but to the bookseller directly. At least most of us actually make a bona-fide effort to describe our books accurately, as opposed to the megalisters who have vague promises of fabulous service, quick shipping, or "wonderful copies" of books that they may not even have in stock...or, worse, employing people who really should be asking you if you want fries with that, rather than attempting to describe books they know nothing about. Most of the indy booksellers on ABE are ticked-off in the EXTREME by ABE's recent pandering to the megasellers, precisely BECAUSE the "big guys" are making us look bad. Take a second look at spite of its recent problems (and you can read about them on their forums for yourself), ABE still is one of the best places online to buy used books.

interesting site.
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 28 2005
i have been customer since 2 years.
recently, quality and service sucked.
first off, got a book which did not match description and it was not worth returning the book, since return shipping fee was more expensive than the book itself; am stucked with junk.
secondly, orderd a book and my order was cancelled, afterwards by the seller - saying that book was not available -> why then put it online?
need to be cautios.

This Feedback a waste of time!
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 27 2005
Sellers are padding the feeback to get the ratings up!

ABEBooks purchases
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 27 2005
I have personally purchesed over 150 some books from ABE over the past year. To date, I have had only one that I wasn't satisfied with but not unsatisfied enough to send it back. In fact, after I re-read the discription I see that it was exactly as advertised. The shipping and packaging of the venders was alway good. Overall, I am very satisfied with the company services.

Books bought on Abe on oct 2th
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 27 2005
Excellent service,fast delivery,recommened.

Excellent site
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 27 2005
I've been buying from Abebooks for years and it's an excellent source of books. The sellers are more reliable and professional than those on Amazon, who are usually amateurs. I'd recommend this store, with one caveat: read the descriptions carefully; has the bookseller made an effort to thoroughly describe the book, its edition, and exact condition. If it's a sloppy description, and the book is generically described as Good or Very Good or "Fine, with an owner's signature," avoid that seller because you'll end up with a shoddy book. Choose carefully. If the price sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

Fast ship
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 27 2005
Excellent transactions. I always email first. If no response, I move to the next one. I also look for someone that has the book in hand, good descriptions. Not some "book may have...." Use all the time.

Best book source!
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 27 2005
I've ordered hundreds of books from various abebooks booksellers over the last 5 years and was delighted with all of them. I love the fact that on abebooks you can contact the bookseller before you order to get a "feel" for their service. I've exchanged emails with sellers in New Zealand, England, the Netherlands, Canada and the US. Occasionally it does happen that a seller will not answer my preliminary email inquiring about the book's availability - so I simply don't order from that seller. And I never order from a seller that has generic descriptions b/c I think they don't look at their books! Anyway, 100% satisfied with the service from "real" booksellers on this site and it certainly has books you can't find anywhere else!

Abe books is a listing site not a shop!
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 27 2005
It is a market place for independent booksellers some bad but most good!!

As a bookseller myself I would like to point out that we have to cancel between 10-50 orders each month because our requests for further info e.g billing address, cv2 number etc remain unanswered. There are ignorant people in every walk of life and email some how makes it easier to do.

Complaints that the booksellers are ignoring you or hard to reach should be directed at ABE as it is their policy of burying our contact details deep within the site that are promoting this poor level of service making it easier for unscrupulous dealers to hide behind automatically generated emails and shoddy customer service.

It is Abe's inability to allow dealers to set postage rates on individual books means that it is sometimes necessary to ask for extra postage. If the dealer has explained this in his terms and conditions why is everyone so shocked by it? If he hasn't then of course they are chancing it.


Choose your seller wisely.
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 25 2005
Having visited the forums there often it seems that many of the many sellers are very devoted to their jobs. Fair prices, quick shipping, packaging etc. They too have complaints about the bad sellers as it reflects on them also. But on the whole I would have to say Abe is great! There are photos available by some sellers of the actual book they are selling, some sellers really go out of their way to describe these books beyond the pictures. Just be careful and wise. Go with a seller with a name that doesn't include any words that might clue you to their not being on the up and up! And if numbers, of books, more than say one or two are listed by the same seller with graduating prices use caution. To prove how honest I am I admit I am a seller and that I stay at Abe because I believe it is a good site for someone like myself who wants to do more than make money but get the right book, in the right condition, to the right person at the right price. So don't be afraid just be careful!

ABE is a listing service, not a bookstore
Reviewed by tomh  /  October 24 2005
I can't help noticing that most reviews here concern a particular seller. There certainly are bad sellers out there, but I for one have had no problems whatsoever with ABE. More to the point, ABE is a listing service, it does not sell the books itself. You might blame ABE for not having a rating system, but then again a rating system is always biased, too.

Shipped misspaged book.
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 19 2005
Really no credit.

bad experience
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 19 2005
the last few books ordered have been misrepresented by other sellers. no way to rate the joint sellers. dissappointed. one book listed like new. it was missing dust jacket, corners completely torn off. stained pages and smelled of mildew. yeah right! it wasn't worth paying the shipping to return the item so i am stuck with junk.

Abebooks and the others
Reviewed by SP  /  October 16 2005
Book never arrived,
Bookseller: cheapestbooks
J Bhatia
P.O. Box 41141
San Jose, CA,
would not answer repeated request for information. I wrote to Abebooks a letter and next day they took the information about my order from their site. Be careful with this site!!!

Beware of this bookstore
Reviewed by Book_Lover  /  October 11 2005
I bought a book and then they cancel the order. In the same email, they then say they have other copies but more expensive. There is a name for this, it is called Bait & Switch. Such actions are unethical. Watch out for this! Beware and be forewarned!

oh, i got shocked...
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 04 2005
hi all, i really got shocked after reading some of your words or rating about this store... since i was about to order this book here... but now, no, too risky .. thanks..

they dont know what they have?
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 04 2005
I ordered two books from this store at good price. At first they said they are to send me, but then they appologize one by one. Finally no book arrives. I think they should check the correctness of information they provide.

reliable service
Reviewed by ZW  /  September 28 2005
It's wonderful according to my experience. I've got around 30 books from them, quite good.

Physics: Algebra/Trigonometry Order
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 27 2005
I ordered this book in August. One month later they notified me saying that it would be in stock in Sept. Today I received an email notifying me that I have received a refund. VERY POOR BUSINESS PRACTICE...DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

outdated lists
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 15 2005
The actual problem is that the lists are completely outdated and you can still order books that are out of stock for a long time.
There is no way to tell when the list was updated the last time.
I ordered several times the same book from a seller, they had several instances of that particular book listed as available and 10 days and 50 e-mails later I found out that those guys actually do not have any copy of the book.
Wasted time.
Why neutral? Because I got another book timely and as described, from a different seller.

abebooks is horrible
Reviewed by jnyce  /  September 14 2005
I have not received any books I ordered from there and have not received responses to my inquiries from anyone. THIS PLACE SUCKS!!!

Cash For Trash
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 14 2005
I recently ordered a "used" textbook that I was charged $75 for. "Used" was putting it mildly. The book was usable only by the loosest interpretation. It looked as if it was delivered by tying it to the bumper of the UPS truck and dragging it cross country. I e-mailed them with my complaint and got an auto-generated 'if you don't like it return it' response. Unfortunately I cannot return it since I need to use it everyday (or what I can use of it anyway - I get others to photocopy the pages that on mine are unreadable) The description said 'some highlighting'. Some! It looks like a kindergartener's coloring book! If I had seen this book at a flea market I wouldn't pay a $1 for it let alone $75. I will never buy from ABE books again and if you're wise, you won't do it a first time.

be careful for extra charge!!!
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 13 2005
I often purchase books here, some seller reqire extra charge after order was confirmed. when I feel ok, I accept extra as books has many pages and seems heavy. But last time one seller required too much extra charge(I felt)..
I complained seller but they excused details by email, how much per kg etc etc.. I cancelled.
Then I order same books from another seller, they offer me good price and never require extra charge!!! postage was just $11. The one, greedy seller had required more than $30 for postage...... TRIPLE! Be careful cheating business, but I agree somebody said "Hit or Miss" there are some very good seller in ABE.

Reviewed by Guest  /  September 11 2005
Never got book or response from site. This company is incompetant and unprofessional. I hope they are shut down soon. My seller was Ian Lee from Singapore don't buy from him. I'm still waiting to find out about my money.

Hit or Miss
Reviewed by alcalde  /  September 02 2005
Abe is a collection of different sellers, some of whom might also be a collection of different sellers (!), so it's pot-luck as to results. I had one successful transaction, another where I was told one of the two books I'd ordered was actually unavailable, and then a negative experience. I ordered that unavailable book from another of Abe's sellers. After one month passed, I e-mailed them and was told the book would be delayed another 2 weeks. More than another month went by, at which time I wrote to them explaining the situation, quoted their previous e-mail, and insisted on a refund. I got a refund, but no message of apology, explanation or anything else from the actual seller or Abe. I guess the moral is to try to check out the end seller if you can.

Raised the price
Reviewed by Counselor  /  August 31 2005
Negative experience: After I had placed my order and was awaiting the book, ABE books sent me an email and said they would not ship the book untill they received an extra amount of money from me. It appears that you have to watch out if the price that is quoted to you is really the price that you will have to pay.

Book never arrived, email never answered. Sucks!!!
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 27 2005
I ordered book from this place more than a week ago from a "so-called" "reliable seller". Never got any communication from that seller. Today, an email send to me from this place saying purchase cancelled. This place sucks. The worst bookstore I have ever seen. Will never buy from here again!!!

Purchased books
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 25 2005
Books never arrived, e-mails went unanswered, first time on line order from this firm, will not be using them again

Book Orders
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 25 2005
AbeBooks is my #1 choice for finding used books. Their independent sellers have delivered A+ service over several years of use. Problem dispute is easy via e-mail to the participating vendor. Prices always vary; visit often over several weeks to get the best price.

Never Arived
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 21 2005
The book nver arrived and when I send e-mails regarding about the order to the seller, the seller never replied them.

No good
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 18 2005
nota good store, prices are random never gives the right figures.

Book never arrived
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 11 2005
Book never arrived

Postive Experience!
Reviewed by kat_Ahlers Top Reviewer  /  August 01 2005
I live overseas so I do a lot of my book buying second hand. This store has always been promt with it's shipments.

Book never arrived, Independent book seller Laura Maine wo
Reviewed by electrotec  /  May 17 2005
Book never arrived, Independent book seller Laura Maine would not answer repeated request for information. Plus, you have to give them 14 days for the book, and 30 days from the delivery date for a refund. So they get to keep your money for up to 2 months. E-mails to Abes books were computer generated. I will never buy from this site again.

Excellent service and communication
Reviewed by acarp  /  April 21 2005
I purchased a book that was sent from England to Arkansas. The service from Abebooks and the consignment seller in England was top-notch.

A reliable place
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 25 2005
I've made five transaction with them. So far it seems reliable. Four books as described have arrived in time but not very fast. I'm waiting for the last one. Generally it is ok.

Dec. 04 purchase of out of print book...
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 12 2005
Book arrived as described. Problem free transaction.

Abe Books Depends on Seller
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 02 2005
When you buy a book from Abe books you are buying from an independent book seller . Look up the information on each seller 90 percent of the sellers are honest and the books will arrive fast . many order From Abe and no problems.

good deal
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 26 2005
I bought text books. I was able to track the shipping and got the books in record time. Good job!!

Great shop
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 26 2005
Bought several times from overseas, never a problem. Good prices.

My book never arrived...
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 26 2005
Based in Israel I ordered a book on Abe, after getting a promise from them they deliver to Israel.

60 days later and I still didn't get the book, OR the money...

Great Attitude
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 21 2005
Cool! Loved It! Treat you like a bro!

Great shop
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 20 2005
Terrific service and very good prices. Shopped there for several occasions and was always satisfied.

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