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Great service for anything stock or at their distributors
Reviewed by rgu  /  April 03 2007
My general opinion of AllDirect is very favorable after giving them considerable business. They are usually very competitive on price, order fulfillment is prompt and their packaging is adequate.
However, I mostly stopped giving them business a couple of years ago. If they book an order and then have any trouble fulfilling it, the order seems to fall into a black hole. Information and updates are not forthcoming and seeking them can be frustrating.
As I said, it has been a while and this may be fixed.

Except . . .
Reviewed by william.barto  /  July 11 2006
They just closed up their internet book shop, didn't they? A bad thing.

Just The Best
Reviewed by Classact  /  February 21 2006
Intermediate Emergency Care was over 80.00 everywhere including the school bookstore. Being on budget some of us were really worried. I ordered 6 books at 50.81 on a 2/16 and they were delivered 2/21. You can't beat the price or the service....we will definately be back.
EMT Class 2006

Awesome Store!
Reviewed by Guest  /  December 27 2005
I orderd 20 hard to find books, and alldirect had them all. Not only that - but I ordered the books in the middle of the Christmas season, and the books still got to me in less than a week. These guys rock.

A Great Store!!!
Reviewed by kat_Ahlers Top Reviewer  /  August 22 2005
I purchase a lot of books used since I live overseas and can't get "out of print" books here. This store is wonderful. Fast shipment, book always as described!!!

Reviewed by librarygirl  /  February 24 2005
I've ordered hundreds of books from AllDirect for our library and they are wonderful. Great prices, fast delivery, good quality. If they say it's in stock, it is! Very reliable!

out of stock
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 11 2005
Placed order and product was in stock. Notified 5 days later that my order was cancelled because they were now out of stock.

Great Prices and service
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 31 2005
I've ordered from this company quite a bit. They usually have the best prices and good selection. Not everything you'd want is always available, but most of their stock is priced around 30-38% off of the retail price. Well worth keeping in mind if you have a large order to place.

the furnace book
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 21 2005
Didn't have what I wanted in stock so I bought it elsewhere

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