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The best online book vendor
Reviewed by Fred Jenkins  /  August 05 2013
I am a huge fan of Alibris. Their selection, prices, and customer service are second to none. They crush the competition and the overall site usability is a game changer.

Best selection
Reviewed by efil4dren  /  August 05 2013
Alibris has the best selection. Whenever I'm looking for a book that I can't find easily, Alibris is my savior.

And they offer lower prices than other sites on lots of newer books, too.

Great site all around!
Reviewed by ValB  /  June 04 2013
Alibris has a huge selection of new books and the pricing is really competitive compared to other sites, especially if you burn through books quickly! Great deals on music too!

You can find ANYTHING here
Reviewed by Beryln  /  May 27 2013
The selection of books for sale is huge. I found a couple old gems from my childhood plus the latest Brad Meltzer. The prices are great and my books come pretty quick. Thanks Alibris for making this bookworm happy.

I have always had a good experience with Alibris.
Reviewed by chicitysue Top Reviewer  /  September 15 2012
I like this store very much.

ALibris has always come through for me
Reviewed by chicitysue Top Reviewer  /  December 01 2011
I have used A Libris for over 10 years. I have never had a problem.

Like their service
Reviewed by Raffi_F  /  February 27 2011
No problem for the past few years.

right on target
Reviewed by 5_digit  /  February 16 2011
I needed a book for a class that was hard-to-find + expensive! Alibris had the best price + I had in my hands in two days! Keep up the good work!!!

This is one of my 1# Faveorite places to buy books
Reviewed by Kalyns Book Korner  /  April 02 2010
I love how they sell used books from all sorts of sellers.
I use Alibris Books for many reasons. They emails they send me on up to date books of a high rate scale. The books I have bought from Alibris is always wonderful conditions. I have also used the buy back section which funds are sent to my Pay Pal account within one week. I too sell from this the homebase book seller section.

item not available - at least refunded promptly
Reviewed by fetch this  /  March 01 2010
Alibris has a higher probability than competitors of wasting your time with unfulfilled orders. Also, they don't have detailed feedback on sellers, so it's hard to know what to expect from a particular seller.

Great store
Reviewed by RoadKing  /  February 06 2010
Very fast shipping. Book in great condition. Price was right. I will shop here again.

Alibris, and seller Little Buddies - terrible service!
Reviewed by letsbehappy  /  January 27 2010
I ordered two textbooks, and was charged multiple times on my credit card, and my textbooks have yet to arrive (they promised to deliver them by January 25th - told through email). I have also tried to contact the seller three times - Little Buddies - and they have not replied to my emails. Alibris customer service contact information is difficult to access and replies are not answered in a timely fashion. Also, refunds are not allowed unless you receive the wrong book, and if the book arrives after 30 days of the purchase date. I find this to be an irresponsible practice, and disrespectful to customers.

Worst Online Store EVER!!!
Reviewed by CPA_Adub  /  October 23 2009
After purchasing a book at the last minute, but still within the shipping timeframe, I was told they were cancelling my order. Customer service was quick to respond, but not quick to do anything about it. As far as I'm concerned, when a price is advertised, and the order is accepted, it is the websites responsibility to make the transaction whole. They were unwilling to do anything other than say "sorry"...they weren't even willing to suspend the sellers profile, as Ebay or Amazon would....AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!

Not very impressed
Reviewed by Suetee  /  October 20 2009
Ordered 3 books because it had good reputation. Very quick delivery - arrived two days later. Invoiced for three but only two arrived. Invoice in dollars despite ordering from a UK shop.

Supposedly new - one cover very scratched and bashed so unsure of new.

Completed contacts form twice with concerns, says you will receive an automated reply byt still waiting 6 hours later.

Think I'll stick to Amazon and pay a bit mmore.

Reviewed by Rob Fox  /  September 21 2009
I have today received a book I ordered several weeks ago from Alibris US. This item is certainly not NEW & as new, as described - it has a large tea-stain to the outer page edges and some wear to the dustjacket - and is not fit for purpose as a gift.
I am sickened by the condition of this item and by Alibris US sellers dishonesty generally - this isn't the first time a NEW item arrived damaged, marked or stained.
Alibris seem to exploit a poor returns policy which makes it very inconvenient and slow for buyers to return items for a refund.
I will not buy any more items from Alibris sellers.

Really depends on the actual seller
Reviewed by geravago  /  August 21 2009
Alibris has ratings for each seller based on cancelled orders I'm assuming. Just stick to the highs and you should get your book. It took nearly a month for me to recieve the book so like any other online store make sure you can wait it out.

Reviewed by StateMother  /  February 17 2009
Alibris is a wonderful merchant, each book has arrived in the condition stated. Prompt service!!!

Reviewed by matteo  /  September 28 2008
I had already ordered from alibris some books and the orders had been always cancelled...i've decided to try another time...but after 10 days the order has been cancelled...i hope, at least, they'll refund the money...
This time is the last time, i'll never buy from alibris anymore!

diff biz model than a big box store w/only new books
Reviewed by cocotutu  /  August 11 2008
I agree with all the other posters that are saying, basically, that Alibris is a MARKETPLACE... that means when you order from them you're ordering from one of thousands of independent sellers that list with them. At least with Alibris they actually rate the sellers for reliability & boot those out who prove out to be problem sellers. You should use the rating & not just the price when you order. Services like Alibris make it possible for folks in smaller towns to have access to thousands of bookstores worldwide & provide those bookstores with a place to sell. As difficult as that might make the logistics for shipping time etc., I prefer supporting smaller store over ordering something from one of the big box stores- online & otherwise.

Dismal Service
Reviewed by af601glock  /  February 18 2008
After ordering some 60 plus books from this company you might think I would learn. However this latest batch of ordered books stands at 15 plus books 2-3 weeks in delivery time, 2 refunds, and 2 "still may arrived." I lasted ordered a book on Jan 12, 2008 - as I write this it is the 18th of Feb. Customer service has not responded in a week's time. When they last did respond they informed me they could not get in contact with their clients. I have repeatedly asked to speak to the manager of customer service:I was told they would contact me; no response. This is not the manner in which responsible company deals with their customer....not if they wish for them to remain customers.

Good experience so far!!
Reviewed by kiaorana  /  December 01 2007
I have ordered a few books from Alibris and agree with other reviews in that you are essentially buying from third parties. Of course this does not mean that Alibris bears no responsibility for their sellers but I recommend you review the seller when you get to the Alibris site and then use that info to make your decision to purchase or not. So far my books have been in great condition at up to 90% off publisher’s price and received in days, not weeks so I will continue to use Alibris if they have the book I want at a reasonable price.

Warning!...No Return Shipping Costs For Defective Goods
Reviewed by Mrata Touille  /  November 15 2007
I have just received yet ANOTHER item from one of Alibris' sellers that was not as described on the website.

The seller's description said the item was in brand new, excellent condition, yet when it arrived, it had a badly crushed case, and was unfit for purpose as a gift.

When contacted, Alibris simply denied that an item in poor condition would ship from their warehouse! (Hey Alibris!..They didn't ship from Uranus!)

Their policy of not refunding return shipping costs makes it not worth returning many defective convenient!

I looked over my recent Alibris orders, and noted that 75% of recent orders that actually shipped had SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE to items NOT noted by the sellers in their listings.

These listings strike me as just plain dishonest.

I've had many purchases in the past few years that I was delighted with, but recently shopping at Alibris is almost guaranteed to be a disappointment.

Alibris needs to set up a reliable CUSTOMER feedback rating system for their sellers similar to Amazon Marketplace.

Alibris and bad service, with a digression on packaging
Reviewed by rarecopy  /  October 31 2007
Alibris represents hundreds, if not thousands, of individual sellers, small and large. To avoid Alibris because of a bad experience with one seller is like hating all men because you were once jilted at the altar; understandable but irrational. This applies equally to Abe, Biblio, and Amazon Marketplace. There are some shockers out there but they are a small minority. I know, because I have dealt for years with them all. If I have a criticism it's that almost nobody packs books properly, sending out valuable tomes in silly 'jiffy' bags (it matters not what the stuffing is). The result -- a nasty 'ding' on the edge of the covers. I've lost count of the number I've received like this. I now write to everyone I buy from, asking for better packaging, but I don't always get it, even then, with the usual dire consequences. many sellers seem to be in denial about the effect of using sub-standard packaging. Who would ever object to an extra 70p for a proper book-box, even for a 'penny' book? It's madness not to use them and they never fail to work, but I still get daft excuses about cost and convenience, never mind the cost and inconvenience to the buyer.

Never again
Reviewed by Jamie  /  October 12 2007
My order was quickly cancelled and refunded, but my book was immediately RELISTED AT A HIGHER PRICE! Upon reviewing Alibris' feedback, I see that this seller is notorious for this bad business practice. I will never waste my time with Alibris again.

Allibris favorable
Reviewed by nguyentuan64 Top Reviewer  /  October 06 2007
Fair, prompt service at reasonable prices.

Ecellent Service
Reviewed by DFForte  /  September 20 2007
I have ordered a lot of books through Alibris and have received all but one to which I was given a quick credit. I have had no trouble at all and the books, although usually not shipped directly from Alibris, arrive fairly quickly. I reccomend them highly.

only use them if there's no other way
Reviewed by GMal Top Reviewer  /  September 11 2007
Alibris, like Biblio, ABE, or Amazon Marketplace, sells books via third parties, so if the book doesn't arrive, the book is unavailable, or the seller doesn't respond to your emails, it's not really Alibris's fault. However, 60% of the orderes that I placed with them were canceled, but maybe this was just bad luck. Their shipping costs are the same as Amazon Mkt and their prices are generally too, plus everyone who sells on this site usually also uses Amazon or ABE, but they do have one big advantage for int'l customers: When you buy a book from Alaibris, first the seller ships the book to Alibris, and then Alibris ships it to you. Thus, even if the seller cannot ship overseas (which is very common on Amazon) you can still receive the book via Alibris. And the shipping is more reliable for 2 reasons since (1) Alibris is the one shipping the book to you and (2) the seller ships to Alibris, so if Alibris doesn't receive it from the seller within 30 days they will automatically issue you a refund. The big drawback is that this process is very slow, since it may take a couple of weeks for Alibris to even receive the book, and then they have to ship it to you, while if the seller disappears, you will have to wait a month to get your refund. Also be warned: The order status will be "Pending - Incomplete" until Alibris receives the book and ships it, which could take weeks, and you may receive no communication from the seller or Alibris before that, aside from the initial order confirmation. In short, only use them if you live outside the US or Canada and the seller will not ship internationally. In the US or Canada I suppose you only need to look at their prices, since there the seller ships directly to you, as with the other marketplaces I mentioned.

Extremely slow service
Reviewed by Hanka  /  August 18 2007
The slowest service I've ever had. I received the book I ordered a month later. I will never purchase a book from alibris.

Great service
Reviewed by judycrayton  /  August 07 2007
I was surprised to read some negative reports. I've bought from Alibris for years and had excellent service.

Three Home Runs
Reviewed by PKG  /  June 18 2007
I've ordered three times from Alibris and have had three thoroughly professional, timely and cost-effective results. Based in Australia, I often order "foreign" books from Amazon and the like, and Alibris compare very favourably with any others I've had dealings with.

I love Alibris
Reviewed by D.S.M.  /  June 12 2007
Alibris consistently has the lowest prices and I have always received my books within 10 days of ordering, even though I live in Canada and most of their sellers are based in the U.S.

In order to make sure that you experience with Alibris is as positive as possible, be aware that they work through smaller independant book dealers. Check the ratings of each seller that you are purchasing from. Also make sure to read the info on the exact condition of the book you are going to be ordering if it is used - if you are unsure from the descriptions, write to the seller directly and ask for more information.

Again, I've used them dozens of times, saved probably hundreds of dollars off the retail prices of the titles, and always received my items in an expedient manner. And I'm an international customer, which usually means several monkey wrenches will be thrown into the mix - but that has not been the case with Alibris.

Alabris Cancels Orders.
Reviewed by Shane  /  March 19 2007
Alabris has problems fulfilling orders. I placed an order and it was cancelled again and I was refunded!!!!!!!!

Informative website
Reviewed by rgu  /  January 23 2007
The Alibris markey website is concise yet informative. Their customer service is very good. Turn-around time on orders is excellent. Their search engine is better than many.

Check your shipping country
Reviewed by quijote_de_la_mancha  /  January 20 2007
This is a great place to find foreign and rare books, but make sure you pay attention to what country you're ordering from. It seems obvious, but the books are listed by base price, not price + shipping, so it can be confusing.

Reviewed by Archie78  /  January 06 2007
I have used the website for some years now, and have grown used to using Alibris for their consistency and reliability. Admitedly, there are reviews which describe a an average to poor provider in Alibris, but I am yet to have a bad experience. And the last few times I have ordered, they have provided me with discounts on future purchases (which I have successfully used).

Frequent buyer
Reviewed by Freda  /  December 04 2006
Alibris has been an excellent provider for me, over the years. Often, when no one else has a book, an Alibris seller does. The prices and shipping are reasonable, and Alibris sellers are very reliable, as a whole.

Never had any trouble.
Reviewed by Little Willie  /  October 06 2006
Have been very pleased with all my orders so far. I do look at the lowest price but I also look at the Reliability rating of the seller.

Ordering at Alibris
Reviewed by Panoramix Top Reviewer  /  July 18 2006
Frankly I have mixed feelings while ordering at Alibris.
Once I've spent about two and half months until my odered was processed and shipped. I dediced to be kind, polite and patient simply because their custommer service seemed to by reliable and the my ordered book was still a good offer. In the very end, things went fine, mostly because I could change my shipping address in the meantime and shipping cost have been made current promptly.
Later on I've taken advantage of their personalized discount cupons and so on. The order was shipped to me immediately, I have experienced no delays and sometimes I consider ordering at Alibris.

Read individual sellers' ratings before buying from Alibris!
Reviewed by ilovemotherhood  /  July 13 2006
I have bought many, many books over the last few years from Alibris and they have always had them available and shipped very quickly! Never had a book cancelled and never had an ordered book not arrive! Since there are also many different sellers listing with Alibris, you need to read each of their ratings and make your buying decisions accordingly.

Alibris apologetics
Reviewed by chevy1976  /  May 18 2006
1. I have generally found Alibris to be the cheapest onlinebookstore

2. Ordered maybe 4 separate times with no problems

3. Correct me if I'm wrong - you are not buying the books from Alibris itself. Alibris is just a listing for many other booksellers.

4. The "five star" rating system at FetchBook is bogus, since it offers only 3 rating choices, not five.


Never had a problem
Reviewed by Ghormax  /  May 14 2006
There are many negative reviews here but i would like to say that I have never had a problem with this store. As long as there are good offers I will keep buying here. As with all marketplaces, Alibris cannot guarantee the sellers that buy through this site. If you're out to buy a new book and are unwilling to accept cancellations, why not buy directly from the seller. It will cost you more money but less trouble. I like to shop for used books and as long as a seller does not keep my money and does not send a book, i am fine with it! That said, Alibris books have so far always arrived.

Take Note
Reviewed by AC  /  May 02 2006
You will notice that all of the positive feedback is from GUESTS, which makes me wonder if they are not doing those positive comments themselves--no details just that they had a GREAT experience. Caveat Emptor!

Bait, no switch
Reviewed by AC  /  April 17 2006
I wish I had read the reviewers' comments BEFORE I purchased from Alibris. Same experience...four purchases, four cancellations and a worthless coupon.

Save your time, which ultimately is worth more than your $$$. Find another seller.

Do not purchase from this store. Please read my experience.
Reviewed by Book_Lover  /  March 07 2006
I purchased several books in one single order. Guess what? ALL my books were cancelled. Then, a few weeks later they apologized by giving me a $5 discount via email. When I tried to purchase another book, I found out that there was no coupon, just a statement that I can get that discount. So, I wrote to them to find out how I can get that discount, but the reply to my email came back via a computer generated answer.
That tells me alot about this joint:
1. Nobody is operating the store.
2. They don't care about customers.
3. Their apologies are fake.
1. Do NOT buy from them. Not worth that few bucks difference.
2. Do NOT waste your time. Not worth that few bucks difference.
3. Do NOT be taken advantage of and then get angry. Not worth that few bucks difference.

Alibris fair value
Reviewed by ozzie  /  March 05 2006
As in all purchases you look at who your buying from, I
only buy from the high rated sellers and have had only
one cancellation from 30+ books ordered .
All books have arrived exactly on time (surprised me too )
and in the advertised condition.
Freight is a major concern ( Australia ) but quality
service is to be supported.
Best delivery was in 15 days with the longest at 28 days.
Over all nothing but praise SO FAR!!!!

Will not buy from Alibris again
Reviewed by Liv  /  February 15 2006
I am happy to pay higher prices, when necessary, to avoid Alibris. After several EXCELLENT experiences with them, I ordered Lord Byron's Don Juan, and got it in Spanish! (Insult to injury: it wasn't even a good translation.) I doublechecked the book description: no mention that it wasn't in the original language I complained (politely, if you don't count my reference to "the proverbial mammaries on a hog") twice, never heard back from anyone; not even a canned response. Word of mouth is a killer, guys: you need to straighten up your act.

Three strikes and you're out!
Reviewed by Zev  /  January 26 2006
Three strikes and you're out, but they've got 4. I ordered four books from them the other day and two days later I received an email canceling the order. No explanation! I've had other unsatisfactory experiences with them as well.

Order cancelled
Reviewed by Scphel  /  January 26 2006
They listed several copies available of the book I ordered (& still do), however, my order was cancelled because it was "unavailable". Guess I've just joined the half of Alibris' customers who don't get their order. I'll not use this vendor until they get their inventory tracking squared away.

Ordered three books. They cancelled all three.
Reviewed by gunthii  /  January 26 2006
I ordered three books 2 days ago. None of these books was actually available.

cancelled after shipped?
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 12 2006
I ordered from Alibris through B&N in early December for the holidays. I checked with B&N a couple of weeks later and then received an email that the item had been shipped and should arrive no later than the 24th. On the 23rd I received an email that my credit card was being credited for the price of the book and that the order was canceled with no explanation given. Unfortunately, B&N name is attached to the transaction but they were powerless to fix the problem and not very apologetic.

Reviewed by Ben  /  December 04 2005
Submit an order for political economy book, but instead get intro to polymer physics... Okay, they both have p's but other than that??? Got full refund though, but left hanging for a book I truly desire.

Reviewed by Guest  /  November 08 2005
I ordered a book from Alibris and it arrived in a prompt manner. The packaging was in great condition and so was the book! They also sent me a COUPON for the next time I want to order a book! I think Alibris is great!

Buy from RELIABLE HIGH RATED sellers
Reviewed by Guest  /  November 03 2005
The same independent sellers are on most of the book sites INCLUDING Barnes & Nobles! Buy from sellers who have HIGHER ratings and this usually results in good service on ANY site. I recently orderd a book DIRECTLY from Alibris and it was GREAT. I also have ordered from the SAME seller that was on Alibris & Amazon and the results were GREAT!

Great Books
Reviewed by speakingadam  /  October 31 2005
Alibris is absolutely excellent!!! I've had great service from them. Everything I've ordered from them has come on time.!!! The key to getting good orders is ordering from sellers with higher ratings.

Ordering directly from Alibris is good -- but......
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 23 2005
I've had good experience when I order directly from the Alibris warehouse. However, when ordering from independent dealers, the quality is not always consistent, nor are the shipping times. One dealer may be prompt and accurate with descriptions, another slip-shod in both.

i got comfused ...
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 04 2005
hi all, this is the second store i have watched on here... seems a little bit better than the upper one... but really don't know which book store is really okay, at least ...the book from which i would order can be used when arriving... not like that one -- first 20 pages "gone"... oh .... then we have to write the lost 20 pages by ourselves with a pan and 20 pieces of paper.

any idea? i am needing it for my examine in 3 months.

order canceled
Reviewed by kam  /  October 02 2005
Twice I have ordered from this company. Both times after confirmation I received an order cancelation. Once it was an incorrect price that would not be honored. The second time I received this notice:
We just found out that the item listed below is unavailable, so
we have canceled the order. We have issued a refund for this
order the details of which will be in a separate email.
If this item is part of a multi-item order, the rest of your
items are still on order.

If I had ordered several items to save on shipping I would have been stuck with a larger bill.
Seems they could improve site to avoid these problems

Very good at overseas transactions
Reviewed by tomh  /  September 12 2005
Alibris worked absolutely fine for me dozens of times. In particular overseas shipping is very straightforward (compare e.g. to or some sellers on Amazon) and also cost-effective, e.g. at $7.50 to Germany. It seems that sellers who do not ship internationally themselves (why?) send the book to Alibris who then mails it overseas. If you keep your eyes open, you can get another reduction (typically around 10%) almost all year round by using their coupon system.

Seeing those negative comments here I can't help feeling that they refer to a particular seller rather than to Alibris directly (for the record: I am not affiliated in any way with Alibris). The only rating system for sellers is by Alibris itself and concerns reliability, i.e. order fulfillment. Alibris offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, but sitting in Europe this is usually not worth the effort unless the book is quite expensive. I must say, however, that I was not satisfied with the book only once, because the description did not describe the book properly.

Alibris Service
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 18 2005
I've been buying from Alibris for years, and have always been exceptionally happy with my transactions.

I was raised in a very large and very old used book store and know how hard it is for them to do what they do and not least at the prices they charge. I wonder how they make ends meet.

Anybody who thinks I may be a shill for Alibris is welcome to email me at


Pages torn out
Reviewed by dingbeetle  /  August 05 2005
I just received my first order from Alibris. As expected the book was used, but should not have been this used. The first 20 pages of the book have been torn out. The damage of the removed pages included the binding pulling apart. I am returning the book and hoping for a refund. I am surprised that the book had not made it to the trash. Trying to sell it at any price seems unethical to me.

I'm cautious
Reviewed by hoopsDog  /  July 08 2005
I recently ordered from Alibris, and had paid for expedited shipping. They sent it Media Mail, and it took a full 10 days to arrive.
I'm not sure these guys have the customer's best interest at heart.

Reviewed by Guest  /  April 02 2005
If early negative reviews can be posted by a competitor, then more recent positive ones can be posted by a relative of Alibris' owner. My most recent experience with them will be my last. I ordered six books, and Alibris shipped five but still charged me for all six. Theur customer "service" people refused to respond to repeated e-mail inquiries and, when they finally did (after I reporter the company to the Better Business Bureau) they insisted that they had, in fact, shipped me the book. It took two months to get the mess resolved.

Those early negative ratings look suspicious...
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 27 2005
I've had excellent experiences with much so that I'm wondering whether the negatives that lead this list have been put there by a competitor? Since Fetchbook does not require a log-in before posting a rating, this certainly could happen. And anyone who reads history and/or keeps up with current events, knows that there are those unprincipled individuals whose lack of ethics allows them to do such things. Need I say more?

Now, if those reviews have any merit, I hope Alibris corrects any deficiencies that their users have listed. The rater who refers to the vagaries of the used book business seems on target.

I got the wrong book.
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 25 2005
I ordered the 3rd volume, but they gave me the 2nd one.

Reviewed by Guest  /  March 23 2005
I'm an avid book reader & buyer & I've ordered from Alibris & been very satisfied with their inventory, and also with their quick response when the book is no longer in stock. It seems like some of the people rating don't get the used book business. There is definitely going to be an inately higher cancellation rate due to the fact that every book is unique, not like a new book site where they can just pluck another one off the shelf. Alibris is better about keeping their inventory up to date then the other sites. They actually rate their sellers & don't list them if they have too many cancelations.

Super transactions
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 18 2005
I have ordered from Alibris several times and have never been disappointed. Items come as described in a timely manner.

Rating Alibris
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 12 2005
I've had excellent repeat business with Alibris, and find they do very well. Shipping is prompt, books are well-packed, and I find this bookseller has an outstanding inventory. In addition, I save money on shipping by taking advantage of their offer of free shipping on orders over $49.00 US. During the holidays, they added some special offers which made buying from them even better. I see that others have complained that items are out of stock, but my experience is that the site is kept up-to-date.

I do find it annoying that they put up a message that the book you were looking for was just sold to another customer, like "ha ha", you better order everything fast. That just makes me back up and forget what I was going to order until another day.

BTW - be aware that there are now spin-off Alibris sites showing up on Amazon which identify themselves by, apparently, state of location. I have no idea whether these are connected, but would hope nobody confuses these with the main Alibris site.

My favorite site
Reviewed by obrien124  /  March 06 2005
I love this site, I find all the books I've needed and never have had a problem.

Reviewed by Anonymous User  /  February 21 2005
This is easily the lowest-priced site (consistently at the top of fetchbooks price comparison lists) and also with the lowest international shipping rates among the big suppliers. Books are usually confirmed and shipped within 10 days, arriving abroad in 4-6 weeks as a rule, and in the few cases when a book was no longer available the credit came pretty close to the debit. In one case when a shipped book did not arrive I got an immediate credit. So this remains the first site I go to and for my money it's the best there is.

Cancelled Orders
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 13 2005
I have ordered twice from Alibris. Both times I received an email stating that the book was no longer in stock. They should keep their listings up-to-date so these thing don't happen.

Reviewed by Guest  /  February 11 2005
Prix bas,bon état,délai respecté.

Reviewed by Guest  /  February 08 2005

Price too high
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 04 2005
From what I've seen, they charge more for a book than other sites --- sometime a lot more.

They have mine at $7 over the list price.

Unfilled Orders
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 03 2005
Buying from Alibris is a bit of a gamble if you do not want your order to be cancelled without an explanation. They also charge your credit card before your order has been confirmed so that you have to wait for your money to be refunded if your book was not in stock, even though it was listed for sale. While I'm sure that unfilled orders are the exception rather than the rule, it is frustrating and inconvenient to have to shop for another copy, especially when you want your book ASAP.

Rare books
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 02 2005
I've used Alibris several times and I find them very trustworthy. And I have found some rare books thanks to their service.

Can't complain about their credit card policy either.

bad credit card policy
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 31 2005
your credit card is charged as soon as item is bought; then they check wether the said item is available; then they collect the book to their warehouse and at last they send it to you; sometimes, item described as "in stock" is declared unavailable a few months later; then they do not refund you for shipping costs...
moreover a book described as "fine" is found to be underlined and hightlighted throughout...(worth 100$).
So sorry, I will avoid them from now on.

store review
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 24 2005
I ordered a book for a class from Albiris. They said it would be sent by a certain date. Then I recieved an email that said that they didn't have the book. I believe it is wrong for them to charge a person for a book that they do not have.

I had no problem
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 22 2005
I ordered a book through Alibris using a credit card and had no problem whatsoever. The book arrived promptly and was well packaged. I'm in New Zealand and Alibris's shipping costs are quite reasonable (better than Amazon.)

Reviewed by Guest  /  January 22 2005
I ordered a book, paid for expedited shipping and never received it. I sent them an email two weeks after purchase and they promptly sent me a canned response asking me to wait two weeks from the date of order before contacting them. They did not even care to read my email!! Anyway, I waited one more week and contacted them again. Pat came the exact same response.

My friend ordered a book from alibris and, as is usually the case with alibris, he too never received it. He contacted them and was subjected to the same series of nonsensical responses.

They charge credit cards fast. Even if book isn't available!
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 19 2005
I've ordered a book from Alibris. They've charged my credit card immediately, when standard practice by all other libraries is to do only a confirmation. At that time, the status of my order said "Contacting Seller". Four weeks later it still said "Contacting Seller". During these four weeks I've contacted them a couple of times but I always got the same answer: that everything is ok, it's just that sometimes the process may take up to three or four weeks. This could be acceptable (even if annoying) if they didn't charge ahead, but they do! So I've canceled the order. Fortunately, they have correctly refunded my credit card.

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