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Beware Goose Chases
Reviewed by toolman  /  September 20 2009
When they have the book, they function very well. The problem is they need to do something about their inventory control. This site is the most common site I'm referred to, that doesn't have the book in stock. Like Gumps chocolates, never quite sure what youre going to get.

Excellent service
Reviewed by NorthVan  /  December 18 2007
I ordered a book from on Friday, Dec. 14 and it arrived on Monday, Dec. 17. I was simply amazed at the speedy response and delivery especially at Christmas time.

not reliable
Reviewed by xxd775  /  December 01 2007
I paid 9 dollars for a book which was shipped via surface by them.Very expensive shipping charge.

They promised to ship any order over 250 dollars in trackable way,which made me select a lot of books for them to ship internationally.To my horror,they broke into two shipment,either below 250 dollars,which fell beyond that shipping policy. This promise-breaking event happened twice.

out of stock
Reviewed by masm0  /  September 13 2007
Ordered a book to and it was out of stock. The problems is that it is out of stock even after 9 months!!! No reliable!!!

No stock
Reviewed by Chai  /  September 02 2007
Books are never in stock. Hopeless!
Reviewed by alex  /  August 20 2006
I use more than 10 sellers during a few last years. Thereare no questions - is the best bookseller, the cheapest, with good warranty.
Thank you, Alex

Deceptive listing
Reviewed by odile   /  July 15 2006
The book is listed on FetchBook as being available, new, for $63.95. At, it is listed as new -- but unavailable -- for $72.60 and as available only used, for a resounding $629.00. Um, yeah, not in this lifetime . . .

Book are never there.
Reviewed by alexzolo  /  July 13 2006
Only interferes with fetch search. Book is available from Amazon 6-8 week delivery time, which means NEVER. Not sure why fetch is using at all. At least I would disable the option when book is listed on fetch only because it is listed on as new, but out of print. It is really waste of time.

Out of stock
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 13 2005
I was pleasantly surprised to find a book that was high priced at available at a significantly lower price at Unfortunately, it was actually out of stock. Their website says to check back for when they restock, but I have been checking for months and they never have restocked that book. So even though it looks like I could eventually get the book at a lower price if I waited, there is no guarantee they will ever have the book at the price they advertise. I got tired of waiting & paid the extra at

Great selection and prices, but delays!
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 07 2005
Beware if you want your order on time! Unlike on, on this site they never ship anything on time. I have yet to receive a single order from that was shipped within the listed timeline. For example, if your order contains only items that "ship within 24 hours" and you believe this, you'll be suprised at the checkout: at the checkout they add an arbitrary number of days for the order to ship, without any warning! IN ADDITION, if one of the items in an order gets delayed, they delay the entire shipment, instead of shipping the available items first, and they won't even let you know! This is not a single occurrence, but happens all the time. The bottom line is: if you want something to arrive on time, avoid this site and order directly from, even if you live in Canada. That way you'll get your order promptly, and if any item in your order is delayed, will ship the available items first without delaying the entire shipment.

Reviewed by Guest  /  January 28 2005
I buy textbooks for school as well as novels from and consistently save quite a lot of money, especially if my only other option is going to a brick-and-mortar Chapters. I've placed about six or seven orders in the last year and every one has been prompt, arriving on or before the estimated delivery date.

don't know what price the book is
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 27 2005
If you look to your right, you will see the price at $31. When you go to the site its $39. Then they tell you they have 2 avail, one is $46 and the other is $134.

Good, not perfect
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 20 2005
They have a huge selection.
Shipping has been fast and as promised.
Only problem I have is that they consistently charge more for the same book as does Chapter's.

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