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Reviewed by pembaca  /  December 04 2012
I noticed this seller got an average of only 1 star. This is absurd and undeserved, so here is my first store review to up the score a bit. I have ordered quite a few books from over the years, and have never had any complaints. On the contrary, you couldn't wish for a more reliable and helpful seller. Ordering from other sellers through Amazon Marketplace instead of direct also offers you protection against unreliable sellers.

International Shipping from Germany cheaper than vice versa
Reviewed by All_About_AlexTech_Books  /  November 03 2009
International Shipping from Germany is cheaper than international shipping from many other countries. The national post service is offering a special Media Mail for books up tp 500 gr and 1000 gr for 3.00 / 4.50 Euro only.

Hopefully will paying attention to that and change their much too high so called shipping fee - any case. If you want to know the "true price" for the book and international shipping ask the vendor by contacting the vendor through

Clear communication helps a lot - vendors and clients do not have to follow the path of "nothing but standard". European vendors are used to be flexible to meet the needs of clients - specially me, I do not like mass production and standard service only at all.

One of the harest sites to use!
Reviewed by toolman  /  September 20 2009
If I did not have experience using Amazon, I wouldnt have been able to guess my way through this site since i dont speak or read German. They commonly come up as the lowest prices, but in my experience, few of the sellers ship to the US. When they do ship thier shipping costs are highest among all the European dealers. Good luck with this!

too much time in delivering
Reviewed by matteo  /  February 18 2008
they told me the book ordered would have arrived within 16-21 working days and it has arrived after 45 working days...

Book purchase
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 27 2005
Advanced Assembler Language and MVS Interfaces: For IBM Systems and Application Programmers, 2nd Ed.

The vendor has emailed twice stating shipment would be delayed. The last notice indicated a 3 - 5 week delay.

My opinion is that they should not advertise 1 - 2 week delivery on their website for this item.

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