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I always get good service from Barnes and Noble
Reviewed by chicitysue Top Reviewer  /  December 01 2011
Barnes and Noble is a top flight service.

The best cozy place to sit and read part of what you want
Reviewed by Kalyns Book Korner  /  April 02 2010
I love going to this store in location so I can drink my coffee and starbucks while I check out all the books of intrest. Barnes and Nobles has a great selction online and in location. The membership is a great penny saver. I am always looking for great bargins.

Worst Service & Shipping Ever
Reviewed by DaveL  /  December 30 2009
For the second time in as many months, Barnes & Noble has ruined a celebration for me. Both times, items were ordered as presents. All items showed they would ship within 24 hours, were in stock and qualified for "Fast & Free Three Day Shipping". The first time, the shipment arrived two weeks after I ordered. B & N Customer Service were not at all helpful or apologetic for the "lost in shipping" issue.
This last time, I received an e-mail three days after the order was placed informing me that there was a "delay in shipping". It has now been five days since placing the order & it still has not shipped.
BTW, I checked Amazon's prices on the same items (after ordering at B & N). They are $6.00 cheaper.
Last order from me, Barnes & Noble!

canceled order
Reviewed by djones84  /  August 28 2008
I ordered a book through (Barnes and Noble) and they canceled the order the next day! They gave no reason except that the copy was no longer available. When I see a book online and I pay for it online, I expect the sale to be final!

Educator discount of 20%!
Reviewed by quijote_de_la_mancha  /  June 30 2008
Now, this is one of the greatest things I have discovered. I've used fetchbook for years, as an undergrad, a grad student, and now as a reading teacher. I recently found out that B&N gives educators a 20% discount cards if they can go into a B&N store and show proof that they are an educator (some ID card or even a paystub will work). Then, from what I understand, you can use the code on the card to get the same 20% discount on their webiste. This means I may actually be buying books from B&N instead of Amazon,, or EBay. What a deal. Go teachers!

Barnes & Noble Marketplace
Reviewed by Panoramix Top Reviewer  /  September 20 2007
Their marketplace has a very good customer service. At least one can receive up to 3 different messages regarding to the fresh ordered item and therefore one can learn a little bit about the order. Unfortunately B&N does not have a high frequency of cheap offers like the most of the web-based stores. But still is a good place where to order.

one more thing...
Reviewed by GMal Top Reviewer  /  September 11 2007
I've already reviewed them, but they're so bad they deserve another bad review anyway. When I complained that my book had not arrived, even though it was several weeks past the date that it was due, I was told by B&N that I should contact my post office and customs at the airport (!) to try to find the package before they will take any action. Well, I spent hours being routed from one person to another at customs and the post office (and I live in a foreign country, which didn't help), but no one could help me because B&N doesn't have any tracking numbers for their packages! And B&N knows this, so why were they wasting my time? Moreover, the package ended up not arriving via the post office anyway. Every other reputable online seller will just issue a refund if the order doesn't arrive, or will at least investigate themselves. Thank God the package eventually came - I'm afraid to think of the nightmare I would've had trying to get a refund from B&N (and it was a very expensive book - $158+S&H).

the WORST customer service known to man
Reviewed by GMal Top Reviewer  /  September 11 2007
The bricks and mortar stores are good, but they have a long way to go before they catch up to Amazon online. On a single order I had the following problems: First, they split my order in 2 and doubled the shipping cost, even though I specified that I wanted it all shipped together. They didn't respond to my emails until after the second part of the order shipped, but then they removed the extra charge without comment. Second, they sent me 2 copies of one book that I ordered and none of another. Again it took them more than 4 days to respond to my complaints, even though they say they will respond with 48 hours, and thus I was forced to call their phone number internationally, and get put on hold, because you're supposed to return a book within 30 days of shipment, and it took them 28 days to ship the books to me. Eventually, they agreed to refund the money for the extra book I didn't need, but in order to buy the book they didn't send me, I would have to pay the high per-shipment order fee again, and then they doubled the price of that book. Finally the second part of the order arrived extremely late - 50 days for an "airmail" delivery! Suffice it to say, I will never buy from them again.

Top site
Reviewed by nguyentuan64 Top Reviewer  /  August 17 2007
The online and brick and mortar sites are awesome. Great prices, knowledgeable reviews and recommendations. Compares favorably to Amazon.

good store, good site
Reviewed by smfairlie  /  January 16 2007
Although it can be a bit pricy sometimes, it is by far the best book store offline and online. I recently used a gift card on this site, and ended up with several books. You can get used books very cheap, that are in perfect condition. The only problem is the shipping. However, if you buy new on this site with a gift card, you don't even have to pay any shipping. Great site, and great store. I highly recomend it for anyone.

Reviewed by rgu  /  January 09 2007
Have been doing business with B&N for a number of years. They have never disappointed me. Their order-fulfillment process is prompt. I have never received a damaged or misrepresented item.

Reviewed by samizzle  /  November 03 2006
great great store

totally bad experience
Reviewed by jennifer c  /  September 07 2006
B & N says that they have authorized textbook sellers. I paid for express shipping and it took 1 1/2 weeks to get the book. During that period of time, B & N confirmed that the book was shipped on 3 different days. The seller would not provide tracking information. When the book arrived, part of the order was missing (it was to include a student tracking card). I paid $130 for the book with card. Without the card, the book was worth half. The seller was rude to B & N when they called to follow-up, but B & N didn't do anything to help me out. They wouldn't refund shipping or try to help me replace the book. I spent a day with "I'll ask my supervisor" and "sorry, my supervisor didn't take my recommendation". I paid way to much for this item using B & N as a solid reference. As it turns out, EBay would have provided better service. Get out of the used book market, B & N. I've made my last purchase with them.

Reviewed by Ben  /  December 17 2005
Okay, I admit that I visit Amazon way often than B&N. But that is just because I think it has more inventory.

In any case, this is probably the most robust online store in town. You can compare you experiences with any other ones. Prepare to pay sometimes a little higher price. But if it doesn't bother you, this place rocks!

Buying books @ Barnes & Noble
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 13 2005
These people are TOPS in e-mail marketing. If a problem comes up, stay with them, and someone will listen, and make amends. My business goes to them EXCLUSIVELY. DON'T MESS WITH RIVER NAMED SITES WHERE YOU CAN'T CONTACT A LIVING PERSON.

Reviewed by Guest  /  September 03 2005
Because I am close to New York, I get all my books NEXT day if I order by 10am. I always pick the books with the 24 hours Fast Delivery Option and I never had a problem.

No problems
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 27 2005
I ordered the book, I received a confirmation within 10 minutes via e-mail and I had the book in my hand in 3 business days just as promised.

Available or not?
Reviewed by John  /  July 04 2005
I ordered a book that was advertized as available within 24 hours but the ship date was scheduled for 30 days later. I cancelled and purchased from somewhere else. B&N still are showing a 24 hour availability on this book. I needed this for school, I didn't need to waste 3 days.

Tales from Salome Broken Angel
Reviewed by Buttercup  /  May 17 2005
I order this book from their website to be picked up in the store and was frighted at first they sent me an email that said special order on not usually shipped for 2 to 6 weeks. But I got my book in perfect condition in less that 2 weeks and by picking it up at the store myself, they didn't charge me any shipping!

Not Good
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 13 2005
So far I have had ZERO luck with this online bookstore. They promised to ship a book by a certain date but, when that date came, they just pushed the promised delivery back a month without explanation. When I finally talked to a real person, they started to fabricate excuses that I knew were not true. They claimed that the book was not yet available, but I have several friends who already have it. In other words: they string you along.

Barnes and Noble needs to make big improvements in customer service: leveling with customers would be a good place to start.

Two-Thumbs Up
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 03 2005
I usually buy used books on other sites where the prices are lower, but B&N is often one of the first places I go for new books. I ordered several books from them before Christmas. They offered great discounts, free shipping, and they arrived much faster than I expected. I have found their service to be consistently wonderful, and I'm sure I'll buy from them again in the future.

A Big Thankx
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 01 2005
B & N was among the first to list my book too! Thankx,guys!
----Felita, author of "The Spiritual Rollercoaster"

Great Online Bookstore
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 24 2005
I have ordered many times books from this site. The service provided has always been impeccable. The books arrive on time and they are always reasonably priced. This is by far the best online bookstore!! I recommend it without the slightest reservation!

These Guys/Gals deliver quickly and reliably,
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 21 2005
I have ordered several books through them and have
always been treated great and professionally.When
dealing with issues regarding to the website,they have
always given prompt and couteous responses.Great place
to shop. Author of VOICES OF THE HEART
ISBN 1-41371770-5

Recommended by author
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 20 2005
B&N was among the first to list my book for sale.

They applied a good discount. Always made it easy to submit extra info such as a chapter excerpt and table of contents. They have always responded promptly and efficiently to my enquiries. When I studied in the States, I ordered several times from their online site and never had a problem.

Reviewed by Guest  /  January 20 2005
Great store, great customers service. They were vey polite and were eager to help me. The book arrived on time.

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