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Biblio misleads
Reviewed by WhyForceANickName  /  August 11 2016
I ordered a listed book from Biblio. A week later they responded by saying they haven't had that book in stock for several years. They offered 20% off my next order, but the offer expired before I could another book (less than a week later).
I don't plan to use Biblio again.

great search website
Reviewed by charlee101  /  December 26 2012
love it

I have always had a good experience with Biblio.
Reviewed by chicitysue Top Reviewer  /  December 25 2012
I have always had a good experience with Biblio.

don't bother
Reviewed by Paulob  /  July 05 2012
I followed a link for the best price for my book. When I entered the store site, the link reflected another book.

Bogus BS!

great resourse
Reviewed by charlee101  /  March 11 2012
i love searching prices on this site interesting books.

One of the worst online stores I've tried
Reviewed by jjay  /  August 14 2011
They will usually advertise the book for a price and then,
after I place the order, they ask for aditional money.
Biblio is really one of the worst online stores I know.

Dont stand to their terms
Reviewed by GaryC  /  July 09 2011
I bought a book from Lindabook a Taiwanese (Californian?) store on their website. They mislabeled the book as hardcover and when I returned the book; they charged me for both ways shipping. Unbelievable!! Be very careful dealing with these dishonest people.

very good customer service
Reviewed by jonsjon  /  January 08 2010
I bought a book than canceled within a day. Biblio was very prompt to give me a refund. Will shop there again if I need a book.

good site
Reviewed by raisin_daisies  /  August 06 2009
i love the fact that they are independent and support other independent book stores. have purchased several times with them and been very pleased.

Prices on books they don't have
Reviewed by jpgr1951  /  August 03 2008
I get price alerts that they have good prices, but when I go to their site they don't even have the book.

mislabeled item a distraction to buyers
Reviewed by fetch this  /  May 30 2008
mislabeled item a distraction to buyers

Biblio is a Fake Storefront - false advertising for traffic
Reviewed by Magick Wyrd  /  May 01 2008
Don't bother with them, they post ridiculous prices for books, particularly those that are out of print, or rare, then you set sucked into whatever they are trying to advertise to anyone who uses the link.

This is shameful, and for those of use who use wish lists, it simply nullifies your alerts. You can't set a reasonable "alert if price is right" because Biblio generates prices a fraction of actual book values.

Biblio, you and everything connected to your services are useless, and a waste of anyone's time. Shame on you.

I will never recommend you to any student or any textbook search. Just a bogus business with bad business practices.

Useless Site
Reviewed by ryu_america  /  March 20 2008
Like and others, appears to list everything but actually has next to nothing. Another site that makes Fetchbook increasingly useless these days by throwing off every single search.

Very good service
Reviewed by 7oda  /  October 19 2007
really your store is perfect.....thanks

in general excellent, but depends on the individual seller
Reviewed by GMal Top Reviewer  /  September 11 2007
Biblio is just like ABE or Amazon Marketplace. I've used them a dozen times and only once was an order canceled, and that happened right away, so I didn't waste time. The (int'l) shipping charges tend to be cheaper than Amazon, ABE, or Alibris. My only complaint is that currency used for displaying prices (but not actual purchase prices) is set to that of the user's address and cannot be altered. For most people this wouldn't matter, but although I live in Japan I prefer to see prices in dollars rather than yen.

Great store
Reviewed by Hanka  /  August 18 2007
The book I ordered was shipped faster than I even expected and in a great condition. Great store.

Reviewed by Jambo  /  May 19 2007
When I ordered the book from this web-site, the respond about the shipping was delayed...however,this is not bad store...

A great alternative
Reviewed by Panoramix Top Reviewer  /  March 27 2007
I have ordered many books through Despite the site could be simple at a glance, it is well designed and one can find things at the right place.

Their service is quite good because one can find books not only in the US, but worldwide. is definitely a great alternative to find books at affordable prices.

Great quality site
Reviewed by fict  /  January 23 2007
I've been a big supporter of Biblio over the years, and think of all the used & out of print booksites out there, it is the only one that focuses on quality over quantity. Have been pleased with every purchase I ever made (dozens and dozens).

The place to go for the truly unique
Reviewed by quijote_de_la_mancha  /  January 20 2007
I love the variety of books that this sellers offers. Foreign literature and college texts can be found here cheaply, as well as the special first-edition, signed copy, or truly unique.

Worked for me
Reviewed by tlocks33  /  September 19 2006
I recently bought two books from betterWorldBooks in the bilio used marketplace and the shipping was fast and the books wonderful and cheap!

slow but steady
Reviewed by olivium  /  May 08 2006
biblio is a slow but steady marketplace for bookseller where bookbuyers can find good stuff..

Great Site for hard to find books
Reviewed by SammieD  /  May 08 2006
I think the negative ratings below are NOT for the Biblio site, but for the individual sellers that they had experiences with. I have found reasonable prices, and excellent customer servcie from the sellers I have purchased from. I found that I do a little research on the seller before making the purchase, since the site does not have a feedback system, but have had NO problems with the established sellers. I can find on Biblio books that I can't find on AZ at reasonable rates, and usually less/combined shipping!

Not quite so good service
Reviewed by allabouteye  /  February 17 2006
I agree that that his company has some weak points. I ordered a book from them at the end of November and was not billed for it until the end of December. I was outraged. I thought that I had been a victim of identity theft because it was an unknown charge at the time that they took the money out of my account. The problem that I have with this company is that they are adveristing items that they don't have. However greatful that they didn't charge me for the item until they got it. I feel that if they don't have the book then they should not list it on their site.

Worst experience ever
Reviewed by amber86  /  February 12 2006
I ordered a book from biblio on Jan 9 06, I didn't even get a notice that it was shipped until about 3 weeks later and it is now Feb 12 06. I still don't have this book! Thank GOD it wasnt one that was vital to the class otherwise I would be failing that class by now! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE!

Wonderful site
Reviewed by Guest  /  December 22 2005
I have purchased many books from Biblio over the years, and have had nothing but positive experiences. Every book has been shipped and received in a timely manner, and in the expected condition. However, there are millions of people shopping on the internet, and out-of-print books obviously have limited availability, so if an item I purchased was to be unavailable, it would perfectly understandable - and certainly no fault of Biblio or any other site specializing in hard to find books.

If it quacks like a duck
Reviewed by Kimberly  /  December 22 2005
I think this is like all the bookstores -- if the price seems unbelievably low, the book will not be available. Wish the sellers realized the affect wasting our time has on confidence in using these services.

Order received just fine
Reviewed by Guest  /  December 20 2005
I have order multiple times from Biblio. The booksellers that list there are for the most part quite good and timely.

Reviewed by Guest  /  December 05 2005
I have had great experiences buying through this web site -- books arrived very quickly, and in the condition described -- and I plan to shop there again. I really appreciated being able to buy a French-language book there instead of having to use an overseas book site.

List books they don't have in stock
Reviewed by Guest  /  December 05 2005
They are showing a copy of my book as "Used".
It was published in mid-November and has only been available for retailers to order for 9 days. My book is print-on-demand and I know when sales are made.
They are like many others such as A1, Alibris, Abe, Classbooks etc who will list a book without having one in stock.

Great source
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 27 2005
Use all the time. Great prices and fast ship. I contact before order to verify they actually have the book. If they don't answer my email, I just ignore and move on to the next one.

Horrible site
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 24 2005
Placed the order on a Tuesday and one week later, still no book. There was no correspondence from the seller. No information, no tracking number, no nothing. I will NEVER use them again.

out of stock
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 24 2005
this site sucks

Bad store
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 17 2005
I waited for 3 days before they notified me that my order was cancelled. Don't be tempted to their low prices cause chances are you wont get your book...

Cancelled order on lowest price
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 11 2005
I'd give them minus five stars, too. They apparently cancel every order placed - though at least they did notify me. NEVER AGAIN.

Unfilled order
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 08 2005
Rating for Manohar Books, a Biblo vendor, would be minus five on a scale of one to ten. Manohar did not fill an order placed on 5-17-05. They did not notify me that they would not fill the order. And They did not respond to my 7-26-05 email inquiring into the order.

Great Site
Reviewed by allen  /  February 19 2005
I have ordered many times and I have never had a bad experience. Each time the books arrived on time and in the condition described.

Excellent service
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 27 2005
Book was delivered in expected time. Condition exceed expectations. Will buy from again!

Same "Cancelled Order" Message
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 25 2005
I recieved a similair message from biblio 2 out of the 3 times I've purchased from them! Not reliable. If you think you found the best deal from thwem chances are, your order will be canceled. I definitely don't recomend Biblio!

Psychology book is not available
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 24 2005
I ordered this book on or about Jan. 20. A few days later, I got this message:

Unfortunately the following book(s) which you ordered from Empyrean Services International Ltd are either out-of-stock, or otherwise unavailable:

Duane Schultz, Sydney Ellen Schultz : A History of Modern Psychology With Infotrac (Our inventory #0534557759) 65.10

We do apologize for the incovenience, and thank you for your interest.

Empyrean Services International Ltd

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