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Bad store
Reviewed by xxd775  /  November 29 2007
If I order 500 dollars,they will hold 500 from my credit card immediately.Then I wait two weeks over for the books.Just before shipment,they make another 500 deduction.So they hold 500 dollars for 45 days or so and deduct 500.Thus 1000 dollars!Do you imagine I am a millionaire?If the books do not arrive within 20 days,I used to complain.But they did not reply at all.

I just want every one to know what scamers they are!
Reviewed by metrofin  /  May 11 2006
You will always see Blackwell having a book you need. You can shell out $100.00 and wait four weeks just to find out they don't have the BOOK! Have fun trying to get your money back! THESE guys are scammmers. They must take advantage of hundreds if not more!

Complete Scams
Reviewed by metrofin  /  January 20 2006
Order a book from here only if you want to wait for it for months only to find they do not have it. Have fun getting your money back

Top site
Reviewed by Canuck  /  January 20 2006
Blackwell's started as a book publisher in the 19th century in the UK. They are a presitigious well-respected bookshop and have been on the Net since 95.
They are a far cry from the Classbooks, ECampus and many other 3rd party vendors that profess to have books available but don't.
I've contacted them several times concerning matters related to my own book and they have always responded quickly and dealt satisfactorily with any of my concerns.

read the first review
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 09 2006
looks like a bookstore employee . . . i'll offset it because it doesn't say anything useful anyway. who the hell would say "it's a long established bookstore" as information for a personal review? boy is that gooood to know, now i'm sure to be more confident in them . . . especially since this is the internet, and "long" is only about 10 years. i wonder how long they've been on the internet? god, why don't people make reviews that are more useful?

Love this store!
Reviewed by ejohnson  /  May 11 2005
I've bought from them many times. Free shipping in the US & are very fast at sending out items.

Good service
Reviewed by Guest  /  April 02 2005
Only bougha book from them once, but it arrived in time, and the price was good.

Good choice for either US or UK
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 20 2005
Blackwell's is a long-established bookshop.

Their prices are competitive and their customer service has always responded well.

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