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Average at best
Reviewed by toolman  /  September 20 2009
My experience with this seller leaves me always feeling cautious. Delivery is slow, so i always makes notes on my purchases to make sure I can remind myself to follow up on them. I guess that says a lot in its own right.

Multiple "purchases" from them went unfullfilled
Reviewed by Tim Howes  /  February 01 2007
I have "ordered" from them several times now saying that they could get the book within 2-3 weeks only to find out they were not able. My belief is they are trying to milk the $ to £ exchange rate and "refund" you less money.


false ad
Reviewed by lyssa  /  January 19 2007
This site has false advertising. I was looking for a book that was out of print in 1999, and the site told me that it is still in print and can get it for me!

Worst Customer Service Experience in a Looong Time
Reviewed by Bill Ashlock  /  August 09 2006
Placed an order with a mistaken zip code. Store cancelled the order rather than either verifing the zip code or updating per my instruction. Interaction was at best condesending, rude, and ignorant.

for the patient....
Reviewed by mattnyc  /  July 17 2006
their reply:

"your order will arrive in 6-8 weeks"

it arrived but I lost interest in it after that long. but i did resell it without losing too much.

Complete rip off
Reviewed by metrofin  /  January 20 2006
Poor Customer service! Order a book from here only to find out it is un available months later. Have fun getting your money back! Scammers!

Book availability
Reviewed by skkpk  /  April 15 2005
Even though they say they can get the book in a matter of weeks, they still cancel the order after a couple of months.

Slow and/or not available
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 07 2005
Blackwells will list a book as available but, after stringing you along for a few months, will tell you the book is not available. It's false advertising at its best.

Real slow
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 07 2005
I ordered my book a month ago and every 2 weeks, I receive a message that my book still not available(wait & wait). Currently, my book is still listing for sale on Blackwell site. You might order your book here if you dont need it for the next 6 months.

Slow and messy.
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 19 2005
I've ordered a book from Blackwell UK using a virtual credit card from MBnet (portuguese service), which allows me to set a limit on the value of a transaction. They've imeediately issued a confirmation for the credit card for the value of the transaction. Three weeks later (that's a lot of time!) I've been notified that they had the book but payment had failed. I've checked with MBnet and the problem was that Blackwell had checked once more for the value of the transaction and the system refused it because the sum of the two confirmations exceeded the limit I had set. I don't know if this Blackwell's problem or MBnet's problem, but I've used other libraries and I've never had this problem. Anyway, I've created a new virtual credit card and communicated it to Blackwell. Unfortunately, upon receiving the new number, they've tried to charge once more the OLD card, which, of course, failed again. I've told them again to charge the NEW card, but they didn't and just told me again that it had failed. I couldn't do anything but cancel the order.
Given the situation, my vote should in fact be "Negative", but I've voted "Neutral" because they've been trapped by the limit of my MBnet card. But that mess with the second credit card number shouldn't have happened...

Rate the Store    All Book Stores    Blackwell UK Customer Service Page


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