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store unorganised
Reviewed by bella9  /  September 10 2007
I would never attempt to buy through them again. I ordered and gave credit details... 4 weeks went by and I lost patience with waiting for them to ship. when I emailed them they returned email to tell me it was out of print and out of stock, after they listed that they had it on order!
I would say they are unprofessional and dishonestly operating.

Advertised OP item: purchased; never notified unavailable
Reviewed by Magick Wyrd  /  July 27 2007
I completed a purchase for an item (Egyptain Kier Tarot) advertised on Fetchbook from Country Book Shop. This book store took my credit card info, processed the order, and provided a sales confirmation at the point of sale and in a follow-up email. Three weeks later I asked about the delivery status, and the reply was that it would not be shipped because it was out of print (duh...), and no longer available (what? They relisted it again for a different price after I placed my order!). I had even noted for instructions/comments it was for a gift.

No one bothered to alert me that my order wouldn't be processed with a simple email? They told me they didn't charge my account, well I should hope not! What kind of business is that? Very slipshod and in need of some tidy-up for certain. They said they would remove the listing when I contacted them. I still find this lack of customer service totally unacceptable and greatly negligent. Apparently there is no concern or consideration for how this would affect my gift giving? Rude, and simply bad business, I would never recommend them or consider purchasing again.

Non arrival
Reviewed by rarecopy  /  June 03 2007
Terrible stock control. They list books that are so long out of print they are collectible! Mind you, they are not alone in that. W.H. Smith, Blackwell, and Amazons and .com are often guilty of this.

Do not shop here
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 22 2005
I have tried to get a book from the country book shop several times. They are very hard to contact. Buy somewhere else, its worth the extra money.

I placed an order - and they never shipped it.
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 05 2005
I got mail 10 min. after placing the order. 1-2 day until shipping it said. Its now 10 days ago - I mailed them tree days ago. Nothing happens.

Book availability
Reviewed by skkpk  /  April 15 2005
I have tried twice to get a book that they say is available to be ordered but they have canceled the order both times.

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