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#1 place to buy and sell
Reviewed by Kalyns Book Korner  /  April 02 2010
I use Ebay stores for many reasons. The emails they send me on up to date books of a high rate scale. The books I have bought from Ebay stores is always wonderful conditions. I have also used the EBay Stores for free shipping on some deals. Always trust ebay because of Pay Pal. I always dont trust sellers but Love the stores.
Kloe8904 is my seller account

Caveat Emptor
Reviewed by vvolkman  /  February 03 2008 can be a good or bad experience. Each seller is unique and offers a different experience. Tips for success:
1. KNOW the shipping and insurance costs in advance
2. LOOK for sellers with 100+ ratings
3. USE the automatic daily searches to locate hard-to-find titles for you without wasting your time.

Good for buyer
Reviewed by nguyentuan64 Top Reviewer  /  August 17 2007
eBay is awesome for everything for buyers. The search option and reminder are helpful.
Sellers are screwed by the nickel and diming with listing fees, fees for pictures etc. Amazon does not charge for listing. eBay does allow sellers to set their shipping prices and not at the ridiculous price on Amazon.
Just need to check buyer/seller reviews.

great site
Reviewed by smfairlie  /  January 16 2007
Ebay is the best site for purchasing books. It has great books that can be bought for under a dollar. The only concievable probolem wiht ebay is the shipping. Shipping costs a lot on this site. other than that, ebay is the best store there is for practiclly anything.

overly high shipping costs
Reviewed by mattnyc  /  July 17 2006
ebay often lists books for 0.99 cents or something wonderfully cheap, but then you come to the shipping which I have seen as high as 15 bucks! I have never found a book after shipping cheapest on ebay. avoid clicking the link as you'll just be dissappointed.

No problems for me
Reviewed by TC95  /  April 20 2006
I've ordered through ebay several times, but like another reviewer said, when it comes to books, I can usually find them cheaper somewhere else. Ebay, is a great place to order from, though. Just check your seller's feedback before you order and you'll most likely not be disappointed.

So So
Reviewed by *IVY*  /  February 15 2006
About half the time I find the book I'm looking for on Ebay, but it ends up being a lot cheaper at another site.

Got Refund! very kind seller!
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 30 2005
My item was lost during the shipment by UPS. And I have not insured my item. However the seller still refunds me at full credit!! Thanks!

Ebay Books
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 11 2005
I love to browse Ebay and find great deals, the "buy it now" options provided by many sellers allows me to purchase books at a cheaper rate than most other on-line sellers.

Among my favorite bookstores.
Reviewed by Barak  /  February 15 2005
Usually cheaper then other stores.
Since I don't realy like auctions, I find the "buy it now" option as a great way to buy.

I Love EBay
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 03 2005
EBay is always the first place I go looking for books online, and I've never had any problems. In fact, many of the sellers I've bought from are on my favorites list so I can browse through what books they have for sale again in the future! :)

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