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book order
Reviewed by ae  /  March 03 2012
I ordered two books in two separate orders on Feb 20 2012. I did not get a confirming email, so I have tried and tried to contact someone to see what happened, if the order went through and no email will be sent until it shipped etc. It is impossible to contact anyone. Also it was very difficult making the order. i will NEVER order books from again, ever!!

Reviewed by Freda  /  January 04 2012 has returned to its glory days.

If you need something, most often it's available here, at far lower prices than other major online stores, with lower shipping and no sales taxes.

In the rare instance of a difficulty, the seller will refund the cost, and usually also the shipping.

Moreover, has a buyer protection plan.

Buy here, in confidence! rating
Reviewed by  /  October 25 2011
This is a fantastic store. I have been buying here since 2000, and have purchased dozens of titles. The shipping rates are reasonable, and in many cases, less than at other major used book marketers.

There is a buyer protection plan in place, and if you are unhappy or DO NOT receive your item, will straighten things out. However, I have NEVER had a seller REFUSE to refund a purchase price for an item not received or delivered in poor condition.

Generally, in any case, the sellers are good communicators, and ship books in a timely manner, at very good prices --- much less than most other used book purveyors.

Reviewed by danga472  /  June 13 2011
I have been please with the service, and the quality of books I have gotten from this web bookstore. I do not hesitate to recommend it and find it frequently less expensive than Amazon.

Reviewed by Freda  /  August 27 2010 is a fantastic place to shop for used books. I have done it often, and seldom been disappointed by either the quality or the shipping speed. An excellent book shipping place, whose shipping fees are USUALLY lower than Amazon!!!!

Stay away.....
Reviewed by jamiegirl1969  /  August 23 2010
This site is a joke. I ordered my book 3 weeks ago. 10 days AFTER they take my money..I get an email from the seller asking if i still want the book? r u kidding me? Now im sitting wondering if this bozo shipped it or not, i told him/her to confirm and im still holding my breath waiting for this person to respond. Oh sure i got a confirmation saying it was shipped, but now look and it say "no information, seller contacted......"

My bad to try to save a couple bucks....this happened once before with them arrived late...lousy service. I could kick myself for letting myself to go through this aggravation AGAIN...

Funny thing is i have ordered 7 books AFTER which are already, powell (took 5 days!!!), ect....books do not take 3 weeks to arrive most of the time folks...ebay is a off...

Always lookin for a deal
Reviewed by Kalyns Book Korner  /  April 02 2010
I have never had an issue with the sellers from this site. I really dont understand why some people had issues from this site. Everything is linked to there ebay accounts. I have sold and currently use this site to sell my books. Yes I do agree the listings are not what should be described on books. If it has a sister on book list it. Awesome good half off deals. I bought a school book for 40.00 and Amazon was selling for 160.00.... I thought was a great deal
kloe8904 is my seller acount

Criminal behavior by
Reviewed by My Haiku  /  February 20 2010
Your days are numbered -- you charged my credit card for a book you never delivered. You are fraudulent and you have got to stop your behavior ? it is criminal.Today you are half but soon you will be!!!!!!!!

Won't order here again
Reviewed by newleaf  /  February 06 2010
I ordered a book on Dec. 9 for Christmas. After writing twice, said they would refund my money, but it was never posted to my account. On Feb. 2 the book arrived. This kind of business is too unreliable for me.

seller cancelled order
Reviewed by NYU-Student  /  July 06 2009
seller cancelled order

Slow shipping
Reviewed by sschal  /  January 26 2009
If I had known it would take a book eleven days to even make it out of the shipping city I would never have purchased. Only order if you can wait up to a month for a book to arrive.

read before you buy = no problems
Reviewed by dbosb  /  January 25 2008
Never had any problems, unless one counts a $1 hardcover that was listed as "new" but had a sticker on the back a "problem." It was still a steal at $1. Read the individual seller reviews and shop prudently. Those complaining about's shipping neglect to mention it's 50 cents cheaper than Amazon Marketplace and that the shipping/handling is often the only profit on a sale, so taking a hefty percentage has to be understood in context. Not expecting to take only 15 cents on 99 cent sale as a reasonable profit, I figure a chunk of the shipping handling is their way of covering costs. They multiply a thousand- or a millionfold a seller's customer possibilities, so taking a chunk of the handling is only reasonable. Intelligent buyers should have reasonably small risks.

read before you buy = no problems
Reviewed by dbosb  /  January 25 2008
Never had any problems, unless one counts a $1 hardcover that was listed as "new" but had a sticker on the back a "problem." It was still a steal at $1. Read the individual seller reviews and shop prudently. Those complaining about's shipping neglect to mention it's 50 cents cheaper than Amazon Marketplace and that the shipping/handling is often the only profit on a sale, so taking a hefty percentage has to be understood in context. Not expecting to take only 15 cents on 99 cent sale as a reasonable profit, I figure a chunk of the shipping handling is their way of covering costs. They multiply a thousand- or a millionfold a seller's customer possibilities, so taking a chunk of the handling is only reasonable. Intelligent buyers should have reasonably small risks.

The best around
Reviewed by Ellie  /  January 17 2008
I've shopped for used books for years and, without a doubt, the best place to buy a used book is through There are some professional sellers on (and you'll spot them easily enough after awhile) but most books are sold by private sellers selling their own beloved books. If I have a complaint it would be that sometimes people don't ship fast enough but you always have the option of noting that in their feedback listing in hopes they will improve for the next buyer. A big plus point is that their shipping charges are very reasonable and less expensive than the other leading book sellers, including Given a choice, I usually buy a book from than anywhere else.

Pathetic store. AVOID
Reviewed by amalik  /  October 10 2007
3 times I ordered thru, and everytime, even expedited shipping item never arrived or had to wait 3 weeks to get. Also no customer service phone for AVOID!

eBay service
Reviewed by nguyentuan64 Top Reviewer  /  October 06 2007
Satisfactory service. Similar to Amazon's marketplace.
Love the preorders option

Finding Cheap Used Books An Easy Way
Reviewed by doodleallday  /  August 25 2007
The website is pretty helpful in finding used books. I preferred until I found Amazon had a used book section as well, though I still recommend people try both and Amazon.

Finding Cheap Used Books n Easy Way
Reviewed by doodleallday  /  August 25 2007

Great service
Reviewed by nguyentuan64 Top Reviewer  /  August 17 2007
I like for the prices and particularly its preorder option. Set a price you are willing to buy and forget about it until a seller comes along.
Also helpful is relationship to eBay and PayPal, which make buying very convenient.

screwing up the wishlist pricing and contact capability
Reviewed by kellylondry  /  July 31 2007
This store is posting very low prices for books it doesn't even have. This is corrupting the wishlist contact capability that makes FETCHBOOK so useful!!!!

never use this store again
Reviewed by ellbee  /  June 28 2007
Ordered a book and never received it. Never responded to emails that I sent requesting money back or book.

Book advertised as paperback - really PDF
Reviewed by bookit  /  June 22 2007
The service department at states that they do not allow eBooks to be sold. Imagine the suprise when I paid $32.00+ (includine $4.00 shipping) and then got and email that the book would be emailed to me and requesting the apporpriate address. was notified, 3 days has passed and the "bookseller" - term used loosley - is still advertising hte same book. I will stay away from from here on out.

Has always been good for me
Reviewed by LabRat  /  June 13 2007
I see a lot of people have had negative experiences with half. I haven't. All my books have arrived quickly, in great condition and just as advertised. My only advice would be to carefully read the book descrition and make sure you are ordering what you really want. I tend to avoid large book sellers that don't bother to put a description.
Reviewed by john19  /  May 11 2007
Time was when this was just about the only site to find discounted books, etc. Like most resellers these days, is not an entity unto itself but a place where many different sellers list their products. If a book isn't received, chances are that the seller is at fault and not

Could be good or bad ...
Reviewed by librarygirl  /  May 02 2007
I've found when ordering books through that you may not always get the book you think you're getting. Sellers may list a paperback under a hardcover heading or they may send you an older edition. Also some sellers ship carefully with bubblewrap but others will just throw a book in an envelope and hope for the best -- usually the corners are torn through and the book damaged by the time it arrives. Stick to the sellers with 97% or better approval and thousands of sales and you should do okay.
Reviewed by john19  /  April 23 2007
Back in the day, half was about the only source for extremely discounted books. Shopped with them regularly. Now, there are a dozen other opportunities. Thankfully fetchbook lets us know them all.
I am very tired of being told that my password is easily discovered. I have asked and asked and asked again to give us the "never show this again" option but they refuse. Whenever it is cheaper elsewhere (or sometimes I buy from the same vendor at a different site) I go for it. is becoming a site of last resort. They could be more user friendly.

Ayn Rand's Fountainhead
Reviewed by JoeK  /  April 10 2007
I ordered a hardcover and my receipt stated such, but what I received was an $8.99 paperback, which I paid $20 for.

This was my first bad experience with

Reviewed by bhatiainc  /  March 16 2007
The worst experience i ever had buying books online. I purchased two books, and for one of them the seller never shipped the book. Turns out that the seller was a scammer who sold a few books and never shipped any of them. was no help, told me to try contacting the seller (whom i was unable to reach since their account was suspended). I didn't get my money refunded to me, and still don't have my book.
I will never buy from no matter how cheap the book!!!

Contact seller not available anymore
Reviewed by guest1  /  January 22 2007
Before they used to have contact seller in if you wanted to ask any questions to them.It was next to the book's description. They have taken that away. But everyhting else is good. I shop most of the times in this store.

Perhaps the best place for new and used textbooks online
Reviewed by quijote_de_la_mancha  /  January 20 2007
I am a PhD Comparative Literature student and purchase at least 20+ books each semester, always using fetchbook to find the cheapest seller. (a subsidiary of EBay)consistently (followed closely by Amazon marketplace) has the lowest prices for my needs. What especially impresses me is that even books in the foreign languages I read (Spanish, Fench, German, Italian) are available more cheaply than some of those sellers that specialize in this area (like AbeBooks or Alibris).
All that is required is an Ebay account to buy or SELL your books, and transactions can be completed in seconds.

Buyer's perspective:
Remember that these are individual sellers, so check their feedback first. Also, I find it useful to select a shipping origin that is close to home for quicker delivery, especially of Media Mail items. Shipping is slightly cheaper than Amazon. You have EBay's backing if there is a problem with your order, and that inspires great confidence, although in hundreds of transactions I have only ever encountered one problem with one seller. You do tend to receive 3+ emails per book ordered: a confirmation of your order, your payment, and then one or more from the seller, so that can be bulky if you order a ton of books. Feedback is very easily left and is very important to EBay sellers and buyers. Easy to use and the costs are good. Can't be beat!

Seller's perspective:
I like to sell from here because they charge less of a commission and if you have the lowest price for a book, they list you first and you show up here on Fetchbook. You get paid every 2 or so weeks - direct deposit. gives you 2 business days to ship your order and emails you when a purchase is made with a shipping label and all the info you need. The shipping allowances are fair, but sometimes they screw up and list hardcovers as paperboacks, which screws your money a little, so it is best to check this when determining your price.

Of all online textbook retailers, I choose first and foremost for buying and selling.

Best wishes to all!

never trust this store any more
Reviewed by kevin zhang  /  December 08 2006
I ordered a book from it. And after one month, you cannot find any info. from them. Only after the specific period of time they defines can you send the email to ask what happened, but no answer. They take your money and do nothing for you.

Not what it used to be
Reviewed by Freda  /  December 04 2006
Time was, had a lot of unusual books in stock and much lower prices than anyone else. Those days are gone. Now, the prices tend to be higher or about even with all other book sellers, and the shipping rates are higher. Plus, there are no guarantees of delivery. I used to buy several books from Half a month. Now, they never have what I want at a competitive price.

Buyer Beware!!
Reviewed by hmteachr  /  November 21 2006
I made a purchase from 4 weeks ago. I didn't receive the book and the seller is now listed as "No Longer A Registered User". Getting a refund from this store is close to impossible!!! This will be my final purchase from Half.CON.
Reviewed by MarkC  /  November 06 2006
Simply read the 7-13-06 review below by ilovemotherhood. It says it all!
There seems to be a pattern here: Those who leave neg. reviews seem to think that is the Seller!? Not true; just do a little homework and you can save tons with little risk.
The proof of half's popularity is that when e-bay bot them the plan was to drop the name and intigrate half's records and biz into e-bay. The resulting outcry from loyal customers was so great that half's brand was retained and it's been (good) business as usual ever since. is the WORST!!
Reviewed by safkani  /  October 31 2006
Be aware of all the scams on I've ordered a book from Valrie1225, never got the book (the book was supposed to be sent via media mail, which takes from 2 to 5 weeks), never got any refund and the seller is no longer registered. So be very carefull!!

Do Your Homework, Buy With Confidence
Reviewed by bulkbookbuyer  /  September 28 2006
I prefer buying from more than any other site. Many sellers are individuals running small bookstores. Some are even home-based businesses, trying to make some extra cash.

The secret to successful transactions at is to simply do a little more research before you buy. Don't buy from someone with little or no positive feedback AS A SELLER. Even if they have a lot of good feedback as a buyer, I'd proceed with caution. That being said, I also avoid sellers with TONS of feedback from selling; sometimes these operations get out of hand and result in poor service.

Also, check the Discussion Board. Lots of highly regarded sellers post there quite regularly. By reading a few posts you'll be able to find out about any recent issues with both the site and with vendors.

Be VERY Careful
Reviewed by mkmorgan  /  September 20 2006
I have trusted almost implicitly in the past -- even folks with 0 feedback usually came through. NOT this time. Recent sign up, shipping from multiple locations, no feedback -- I should have listened to the bad feeling I had about the seller. Now the seller has 8 bad transactions that have left feedback, and is 'no longer a registered user' so I can't leave feedback. I've filed a claim, but won't even look at it until it's been another 30 days. EVEN with the negative feedback, etc. they won't process a refund more quickly. So, before you buy, send the seller an email question, and if you get no reply, RUN VERY FAST and don't. I'm having to buy the book elsewhere at twice the price to get it for my class (it's already four weeks into the semester), and still no money from my previous attempt.

shipping policy for outside sellers
Reviewed by tlocks33  /  September 13 2006
I just ordered two books and paid expedited shipping, now two weeks later I just recieve one of them. NOT MY IDEA OF EXPEDITED! but it's still within the guidlines for expedited shipping. I got both books I ordered from other sites a week ago, even one that I didn't pay the extra shipping for!

Check seller ratings first before purchasing
Reviewed by lucastam  /  August 29 2006
I would rate positively as long as a buyer checks the sellers feedback before purchasing. Looking for 99-100% feeback is a good bet that you will have no problems with a purchase. I have used them many times and had no problems. As with anything else buyer beware.

Free for all!
Reviewed by oceantide  /  July 23 2006
Just ordered 2 "like new" books. One had a personal inscription in it. The other had a lot of stains, something spilled on the cover and writing in pen on the back cover. Not the first time something like this has happened. I wrote the seller and they just offered to give me money back to settle the matter. I realize the ratings on are just politics and/or corruption (just pay off the ones who notice the scam, rip off the ones who dont.) They have by far the most inconsistent ratings. Not trustable at all.
Reviewed by Panoramix Top Reviewer  /  July 20 2006
A shipping address outside the US? has strong limits. I am an US non resident and unfortunately cannot take any advantage of this site, despite the offres are mostly very attractive, affordable and convenient.
Once I could order a book through my friends in the US, but one does not have to distort others for such a tiny little thing. I only hope this site once may lift up such limits.

bargains every time
Reviewed by mattnyc  /  July 17 2006 is almost my favorite book site because the shipping is much lower than anyone else. plus, they usually have a wide range of inventory qualities for a fun selection. i agree with another reviewer that sometimes seller list 'new' condition books above their retail price so watch out for that. also, since this is a discount site check seller reviews before buying. by doing a simple check on ratings, you won't have a problem with and it'll be cheap buys for you.

Read individual sellers' ratings before buying at!
Reviewed by ilovemotherhood  /  July 13 2006
Since is just a book seller's listing agent and not the actual seller of the book, you need to read each individual seller's rating and make your purchasing decisions accordingly! I have successfully purchased many, many books from sellers on Out of over an hundred plus books purchased there, I have only had two seller's that ended up cancelling the order because they didn't have the books available. Check out the feedback on the seller you are considering buying from first - read the feedback listed before confirming your order!

Reviewed by vtgreekgoddess  /  July 06 2006
Most people want 5-20 % ABOVE the new price for a used book that can be bought almost anywhere on-line for 20% below cost for a new one. Specifically, Wondrous Words. It's out of print but there are thousands floating around...give me a break

Did not receive
Reviewed by plmuhlh  /  June 22 2006
I did not receive book. Could not get answer from seller or from Very, very upset!

Small independents flourish on
Reviewed by lfloom  /  May 31 2006
I like to use whenever possible. Not only are the prices usually the best, but many of the sellers are people running small businesses out of their houses. I like to support them.

Be aware. Check the approval ratings. If they have some bad reviews, read them. Look for a pattern of not responding to problem. Avoid those sellers!! Use the sellers that ship quickly and work to resolve any problems that might arise.

Never had a problem
Reviewed by Ellensue  /  May 07 2006
I've ordered many books and CDs from and never had a problem of any kind and have gotten great deals. It's shame that Ebay has made Half is taking more of the sellers' money.

very bad service
Reviewed by klues  /  May 05 2006
i tried to order from this store with no luck at all. never returned my e-mail.

Worked fine every time
Reviewed by TC95  /  April 20 2006
I've never had a problem with and have ordered several times through them. Just check the sellers' feedback and you should be fine.

Never mind overseas- they won't even ship to Canada!
Reviewed by sachi  /  February 16 2006
I can't tell you how frustrating it is to see that they have the textbook I need for a course, at a reasonable price, but they refuse to ship a few miles over the border! What gives?

Double dipping on fees - shipping disparities are a rip-off!
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 15 2006
I have no problem with taking a 15% commission on sales, but when they also "double dip" on fees by charging buyers one price for shipping and reimbursing sellers a lesser amount, they are ripping off buyers and sellers alike.

Since USPS postage rates increased on 01/08/06 (Media Mail increased by roughly 12-13%), now charges buyers $3.70 for a hardcover book and $3.25 for a paperback, but sellers are reimbursed only $2.78 for hardcovers and $2.40 for paperbacks. It seems to me that buyers should either save that 33-35% on shipping, or sellers should be reimbursed the full amount since already takes a 15% commission on every sale!

What's worse, reimburses only about 50% of what buyers pay for additional items from the same seller. i.e. buyers are charged $2.15 for a second hardcover book in a combined order, but reimburses the seller only $1.06! A second paperback book from the same seller is $1.65 for buyers, but sellers are reimbursed only .85 cents!

When I heard would be closing indefinitely, I got suckered in to what was recommended to sellers--opening an eBay store. It wasn't a hard decision since eBay would transfer my entire inventory for free and would be closing anyway. Only, within a short time, it was announced that would not be closing after all, and eBay Store subscription fees went up 61%. Final Value Fees for items sold in eBay Stores went up 53%. I can't help but think that eBay pulled a major bait-and-switch tactic. Talk about things are that are too good to be true...! I now have so much time and effort invested in my eBay Store that it's hardly worth it to relist my thousands of items on another site.

I like e-commerce. But if I could go back to the beginning when I first started in online sales, I would probably start at Overstock or Amazon. Or maybe even one of the many other sites that don't yet have as much brand recognition (froogle, bizrate, zstores, bidmonkey, bidville, onlineauction, wagglepop, etc). And don't get me wrong--there are many things I like about eBay/Half. I get lots of buyers, make lots of sales and have done reasonably well for myself. But it seems as though the bigger and more profitable eBay gets, they more they lose human interest. eBay's greed is obvious and their customer service has become lousy. EBay veterans will tell you this wasn't always the case.

Of course, when fees and postage costs increase for sellers, prices also increase for buyers if a profit is to be made. But I wonder at what point prices will become so high that buyers will simply lose interest...?

Reviewed by Guest  /  December 05 2005
great place for ebay sellers who want to offer a fixed price without paying an insertion fee if the item is not sold, comission if the item is sold is reasonable and comparable to other sites and the shipping rate is fair.

Reviewed by Guest  /  November 28 2005 is a fabulous place for books, music, etc. As with any site, make sure the buyer/seller is not a flake. I have had excellent results saving a lot of money, and have never lost a dime.

Use It A Lot
Reviewed by Guest  /  November 16 2005
I've had few problems other than some sellers listing books here and on other book sites then losing track of where a book is listed when it's already been sold.

Reviewed by Guest  /  October 19 2005
i like the individual rating system for the people selling at i havent had as many problems here as with other companies. check the feedbacks and things go well. overall good experience.

Great prices, shipping
Reviewed by Guest  /  October 18 2005
Great selection, offers cheapest prices more frequently than any other online store I've seen. One of the cheapest shipping, too, at $2.79 for softcover. Much better than Amazon.

Reviewed by Guest  /  September 12 2005
This half crap sucks big time, I suggest you go else where!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sellers beware of high commission!
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 31 2005
I think for selling books etc. this site is *convenient*, but the 15% commission really bites. I just sold a book for $75 and only got to keep $65 (Half took the other $10). Bleh!

the name says it all... HALF!!
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 19 2005
this site blows big time... wanna try a decent one? dvdboxoffice(.com) they've been around awhile and seem to have excelled with their movies and games enough to now take on books. their selection is awesome and the service so much better - at least they answer emails within 24 hours and it's personalized! i spent a few hundred @ before i opened my eyes to others!! is a ripoff to buyers and sellers alike.
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 13 2005
First they charge $2.49 for media mail shipping, which actually only costs $1.42 Which is fine because the seller has to pay for the packaging and labels. BUT they only reimburse the seller $1.89 for shipping and then charge a commission the sale. They are double dipping on each sale! It's BOGUS!

Very Poor Customer Service
Reviewed by Guest  /  July 26 2005
I never received the book I ordered and I have yet to receive a response to several emails I sent. It has been well over a month and still no book and no response! I've used them before but not again! is great!
Reviewed by papakeechie  /  June 16 2005
I have used several times to buy books for myself and also for my church library. In 3 years I have only had one problem, and that was a book that may have been stolen from an Iowa library. I called the library and they took it off their books and told me to keep it.

No overseas shipping
Reviewed by tomh  /  May 31 2005 offers no overseas shipping, and in fact cannot even obtain money from non-US credit cards. Thus, even if you arrange with a colleague in the US to receive the book, you cannot pay with your credit card. I have seen out-of-print books listed only on Half and yet not been able to purchase them. If Half is concerned about credit card verification, I'd be willing to wait until the transaction is confirmed by the company. However, their automated validation system is unusable for anybody not equipped with proper North American coordinates.

Very Good
Reviewed by Willie McTell  /  May 06 2005
I've always received what I ordered in a reasonable amount of time and undamaged. The descriptions were pretty accurate. One seller did a substandard job of packaging, but everything else was done properly.

Considering that is a broker--think Ebay with a fixed price--that's a lot to say.

Great buying experiences every time!
Reviewed by Jamie  /  April 07 2005
I recently bought 7 brand new books from one seller. Most were published just last year, and all were priced at only .75 cents! With Half's combined shipping discount, I got an unbeatable deal; I couldn't be any more pleased! :)

It's great
Reviewed by Guest  /  April 01 2005
Never had a problem

Come on people...
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 27 2005
I've been buying from Half for years, and have NEVER had a single problem. The prices are great and the check-out process could not be any easier or more buyer-friendly. As long as you don't have an aversion to using a credit card, and if you buy from reputable sellers, there is no reason whatsoever to expect any problems.

Site sucks
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 27 2005
Never received my book.

Dont even work !
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 11 2005

Proceed checout doesnt work much of the time...

Terrible! ARRRRRRRGH !

Debit card not accepted
Reviewed by ZW  /  March 06 2005
They don't accept debit card, which I only own. Very disappointed.

I prefer half if they have my book!
Reviewed by frugal frog  /  February 20 2005
Half is fast and easy to use. Set shiping costs. Item availability is the only drawback. Feedback goes on your e-bay record (great way to boost your feedback). I have had very good expericences with half but I do watch the seller ratings. is my favorite place to buy books
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 14 2005
As a confirmed bookaholic (I am contemplating forming a chapter of bookaholic anonymous. There are so many books in the house, that my wife and I have had to move to the garage), I have been using for many years. I find that the reliability of the sellers on it is very high, prices are low, book description is detailed, shipping charges are fixed and reasonable and most of all there is a feature that lets you enter the price and quality you want. When a seller meets those criteria, the book is automatically bought and shipped to you. This has gotten me extraordinary bargains.

Reviewed by Guest  /  February 10 2005
Fast Delivery, Looked brand new!, Thanks! It saved my $130.00....:)

Excellent prices and a wide variety of books!
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 09 2005
I have only had positive experiences purchasing used books from this site. The prices are very competitve and almost always have "like new" used books. The seller reviews have been very helpful in my decision making and help to weed out any sellers that have not been consistent with their delivery (although I have not had any problems). Highly suggest this site.

Price charging for my in-print book is atrocious!
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 04 2005
Some seller on is selling my book (a $30 List) for just over $70!!! It's widely available worldwide.

Can't see any justification for that except to rip off unsuspecting customers.

Easy, fast and convenient place to shop for books!
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 03 2005 is incredibly user-friendly, and often offers some of the best prices on books and shipping you will find online. I often buy from reputable sellers who either live in the same state I do, or who ship from a neighboring state so that my books arrive relatively fast without having to pay extra for expedited shipping. is sometimes more convenient than eBay because their policies are uniform, rather than differing from seller to seller. You can count on the cost of shipping and the method of payment always being the same, and your credit card is not charged until your order has been confirmed. However, if you're weary of your credit card information floating around online, many eBay sellers accept snail mail payments, and you can often find better prices and cheaper shipping from eBay sellers. If you're inclined to do some comparative shopping and to bid on auctions, eBay may be your best bet. I have also found very good deals from eBay store sellers, where books have a Buy It Now option so that I don't have to wait for auctions to end, and I am never outbid in the last few seconds--checking out what store sellers have to offer is worthwhile.

Price and timely shipping
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 23 2005 is a great shopping place--very timely filling of orders and shipping...

Reviewed by Guest  /  January 19 2005
A phenomenal resource for the online shopper. Great deals, great service! So successful that even when eBay purchased it and thought aboutt closing it down, it's sale volume went UP!! Meaning it managed to compete with eBay from WITHIN eBay. That's no joke.

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