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Reply to wwlytton
Reviewed by Diego  /  April 03 2009
Reply to wwlytton

Reviewer wwlytton posted 3 negative reviews on the same day against HamiltonBook for the very same "transaction" regarding a single book. The reason for the complaint: the ordered item happened to be sold out. To his/her credit, wwlytton does state that his/her credit card was not charged.

Interestingly, wwlytton points out that he/she "had the same experience as the prior reviewer." Well, it just so happens that I am the prior reviewer, twice, who having rated HamiltonBook positively in 2006 and 2008, was conveniently overlooked so as to pass over to a mysterious Guest reviewer from 2005 (4 years ago) who also claims: "Was not in stock afterall" [sic] and summarily proceeds to decree a negative rating.

Friend wwlytton, let me show you the type of experience that merits a bona fide negative rating. I once ordered a book from SuperBookDeals, which they promptly charged and collected but never sent. They claimed they had processed the order through Amazon. After proving to them they had not done so (by walking them through their automated ordering process, which evinced that Amazon was never involved), they admitted their error and told me they would refund my purchase. This they did not do, so I contacted management. Again, I was told I would receive a refund, which again never materialized. I was forced to present a fraudulent transaction claim at my bank, which consumed an entire afternoon of my time plus 2 additional months of waiting. All in all, the entire process took 6 months. That, wwlytton, is a negative experience.

I regularly buy books from the following companies: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Cambridge University Press, DeepDiscount, MIT Press, Oxford University Press, Strand Bookstore, and several minor Web-based outlets, in addition to HamiltonBook and its sister company, Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller. The number one company in terms of customer service, integrity and trustworthiness is --hands down-- HamiltonBook (& ERHB). I have been their loyal customer for over a decade and will certainly continue being so. They are simply the best in the business.

HamiltonBook deals mostly in remainders. That means that quantities are limited --as they plainly state in their Websites and flyers/catalogs-- and there is a chance that the item may be out of stock by the time the order is processed. This has happened to me before. But in such cases, they never charge for the item (unlike some of the shady outfits out there). That is the understanding between company and customers. I suggest you read their policies before trying to damage their reputation so resolutely.

Since I do buy books every now and then from companies which are new to me, I have a strong interest that these reviews here at FetchBook accurately reflect the reality of the firms I will be dealing with. I also have a very strong interest in keeping HamiltonBook's reputation hale and hearty, for obvious reasons: they are my provider of choice. So, given that your triple complaint lowers the ranking (the yellow stars) by thrice the legitimate weight, I will do likewise with mine so as to balance out the rankings and restore some semblance of validity to them.

You might also wish, wwlytton, to forgo absolute anonymity in your profile and identify yourself a little more so that we review readers may be able to assess just who is behind these mysterious negative rankings which tend to crop up so predictably.

sell stuff they don't have
Reviewed by wwlytton  /  March 20 2009
I had the same experience as the prior reviewer.
Ordered the book and then received an email a few days later:

We are sorry to inform you that the following item you ordered
on 03/17/2009 is sold out and is no longer available:

7272146 1 Lost Self: Pathologies of the Brain and 8.95

Your credit card has not been charged. You do not have any items
waiting to ship on this order.

Best of the Web
Reviewed by Diego  /  September 14 2008
After a couple more years experience in buying books online (since my last review), I must say that the best stores out there are: (1) HamiltonBook along with its sister outfit, Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller, and (2) Barnes & Noble. They have the best customer service on the Web, hands down. Five-star ratings to both.

Was not in stock afterall
Reviewed by Guest  /  March 28 2005
Was not in stock afterall

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