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Reviewed by LizA1983  /  January 04 2010
I ordered a textbook from There was never tracking information available...then a week later the money was refunded to my account. STILL no information when I sign in on the website and I've sent FOUR EMAILS and have yet to hear a response. My class starts today and I still don't have the book and now I'm going to have to pay full price at my school bookstore.

I will NEVER order from them again! I can excuse a mistake but being ignored is unacceptable!

Where is
Reviewed by asrockets  /  June 24 2007
I ordered my book 10 days ago. Received a confirmation and my card was charged immediately. I have been checking back the last few days and there is no website. It's gone. I am going to dispute the charge, of course. I, too, wish I had read these reviews before I wasted my time waiting on them to send my textbook. I will also look into reporting them to the Florida BBB.

Great, no problems.
Reviewed by tfchui  /  April 21 2007
I bought 0131857851 from the seller: "Book4less", my book arrived in less than a week. I didn't know it was coming until I checked the phatcampus website for the status.

Don't Fall For This Company
Reviewed by keri  /  October 03 2006
I ordered a book from this company over 20 days ago, and still have heard nothing, absolutely nothing from them. Do yourself a favor, do not EVER order a book from this company. I strongly urge anyone who has already ordered a book from them, and never got it, to contact a lawyer. I have contacted mine, and there will be repercussions to pay....BEWARE!

Run From This One
Reviewed by MinnieMo  /  September 09 2006
Just as the others were scammed so was I. Please do not purchase anything from this company and if you have and recieved the same horrible service I did, report them to the South Florida BBB.

I purchased my book 10 days ago with my credit card being charged immediately. Like everyone else I never recieved my tracking info, no reponse to phone calls or email and still no book. I paid for 3 day UPS delivery.

I have contacted my credit card company to reverse the charges.

Reviewed by DMM  /  September 08 2006
I ordered a book on the 28th of August. I waited about a week to get tracking and still no info available. I have left several messages and still no repsonse. Of course they have charged my C/C which I am already disputing. I wish I have read the reviews on here before I ordered. Two weeks into my class and I still have no book. is -------- TERRIBLE -------- DO NOT BUY!
Reviewed by natek  /  September 06 2006
This is a complaint concerning the following business:
160 W Camino Real, Suite# 186
Boca Raton, FL 33432
Local Phone Number: (305) 818-2177
Long Distance Phone Number: (866) 659-1233
Fax Number: (305) 818-2159
On 08/24/2006 and 08/29/06 I put in two seperate orders on for college textbooks. Today's date is 09/06/06 and I still haven't received any of my 2 books that I ordered. The website says that there is no tracking information available for either of my orders. I emailed on 08/31/06 asking for the status of my order. I emailed them again on 09/01/06 using their online contact form. I called them on Saturday 09/02/06, and again on Sunday, Monday (Labor Day), Tuesday, and today Wednesday 09/06/06. I left messages each time. Still I haven't gotten a response via email or phone. At this point I just want someone from to tell me what's going on, so I can either cancel my order to know my order will be shipped soon. Their website says "Your order will be processed and shipped usually within 2 business days of the date of your order confirmation. If we cannot ship your order within 7 business days, we will notify you in writing, via email, of the reason and duration of the expected delay. We will also provide you with an option to either wait for the delivery of the order or cancel your order for a full refund." BBB, Please help me!
----According to my research, A Tallahassee based new company called FSView ( did an interview with the E-Commerce Manager whos name is Rick Rues. (See the following story: (
----The website has a digital security seal with the major security company called Verisign. Verisign is a trusted company that provides certificates to e-commerce websites. However, when you click on the Verisign Seal, it provides the following information:
STATUS: Valid (30-Jun-2005 to 30-Jun-2007)
West Palm Beach
Florida , US
After doing a search for Pinnacle Solutions (Company owner of I found is hosted by Network Solutions's website provides the following information about
Registrant: Pinnacle
Administrative Contact , Technical Contact :
515 North Flagler Drive
Suite 300P
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Phone: 3057899200
But the address AND phone listed as's Contact information IS NOT VALID. It belongs to a Law Firm called Stanley and Buky in West Palm Beach FL.
BBB Serving Southeast Florida and the Caribbean (West Palm Beach, FL)
2924 N Australian Ave.
West Palm Beach , FL 33407
Phone: (561)842-1918
Fax: (561)845-7234

Reviewed by phat campus sucks  /  September 01 2006
***********************STAY AWAY!*************************
If I could give a lower score than a negative I would. I ordered my book Aug 17, plenty of time for it to get here by the time my classes started on the 28. Friday the 25 rolls around and I have no book. I had the same problem as the other postings, the customer service is non existant for people who alreasy placed their orders, so I sent them an e-mail like I hadn't ordered anything yet and low and behold they finally got back to me. That was the 28 and they finally told me that they didn't have my book and they would issue a refund as soon as possible. As soon as possibe?! They already took my money, I didn't get anything for it and now they don't have my money t return it yet? This place is a scam! Now it is September 1st and I still haven't seen any refund, my next step is to dispute the charge with my bank.

Reviewed by PhatCampusSucks  /  February 02 2006
I ordered a book 2 weeks ago and I try to track it and it says "Sold Out". I assume they won't charge me since it's sold out until I checked my bank statement and, sure enough, they charged me for a book i'm never going to see. I filled out their form that is supposed to be "answered promptly" 2 or 3 times and still haven't gotten a reply. I tried their email and also no reply. I've called their phone number and half the time their voicemail is full, probably all complaints about their crappy service. DO NOT SHOP AT PHATCAMPUS!

Buy Back MY ASS
Reviewed by NoName  /  January 20 2006
I sent my books to phatcampus expecting a check to come in the mail. It has been a week and I haven't recieved anything. Thoes people told me they send the check 24hr after the books were recieved. I contacted UPS to see if my package was recieved and it was. Why the F*** won't these people sent me my damn check. I was planning on using the money to purchase the books for this semester.
Their mailing address is close to where I stay. I plan to take a visit to see what the problem is. I should have just posted my books on Amazon like I had planned. DON'T TRUST PHATCAMPUS.COM, they like to take your F***ing money and run.

Phat Campus sucks a big fatty
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 17 2006
I ordered my book 11 (business) days ago, and still no book. On there website it states they will contact you if you don't get your book in 7 business days and have an option to one has contacted me, and my emails and phone messages go unanswered. This is the first time I have ordered books online, and after this experience, I doubt that I ever will. I did this to save money, and now I feel like I won't see my book, or my money ever again. If I don't get my book by the week, I am going to look into forming a complaint, or see if I can take some legal action against them.....I am just so angry because this company at the very least has the worst customer service ever..or its just a scam!! Either way, learn from my mistake and look up a company before you buy something online, or just cough up the money and go to the campus least you walk away with a book!

Terrible shop
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 12 2006
charged my credit card and no order shows up on their website.
they list the book I bought as still for sale.
Did not respond to emails.
Please dont buy from them, definitely a scam.

Fast Delivery!
Reviewed by Guest  /  November 10 2005
I got my book very fast and it was just as promised, brand new!!! Thanks!

This Store Really Sucks.
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 13 2005
No one answer the phone. Their customerservice email is not working, at least thats the case for a Gmail user. I used that account to send them email and got reply like the email address is not valid, something like that. I am not a computer savvy person but I really suspect the whole website is just a joke! I am NOT gonna buy anything from them again and will probably sue them if I have the time. Go to hell, PhatCampus.

Definitely a Scam
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 12 2005
I'm having the same experience, wish I would've read up on them ahead of time. I ordered my books ok 8/24, 5 day's 9/11 and haven't seen or heard anything about it (after 2 emails and 1 phone call). At least I paid with my credit card, I filed the dispute today.

Reviewed by Guest  /  September 10 2005
If only I had read the ratings before ordering my two books. I have received one and have despite two emails no news about the second. Of course I was charged for both of them. What kind of customers service is that!

Bums. Cancelled my order...after more than a week!
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 09 2005
Cancelled my order...more than a week after I placed it. They blamed it on a computer glitch. Here I am a week into class, expecting to my book to arrive, any day and instead I get a cancellation notice blaming it on their computer.

Reviewed by Guest  /  September 05 2005
I had ordered my math book 2 weeks ago and still I haven't recieved anything! I left 3 email and 2 calls.

stores like these shame online shopping

Phatcampus is the worst
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 03 2005
I just had to call my credit card company to dispute the charge for my textbooks.
I ordered my books on 8/16. It's now 9/3 and I have not received my books. I've left messages on their voice mail and sent e-mails. I've had no response. This company is a scam.

Terrible Service...DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH!!!!
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 03 2005
When you have a business it is to cater to the needs of the client...

This has got to be the worst online store I have dealt with. After years of great service from online retailers comes PhatCampus to give a real bad name or example on how not to run a business. I ordered Exploring Chemical Analysis on August 29, 2005. After 4 phone calls and 5 emails I just cancelled the order on September 2, 2005. The web page states the in 24 hours shipping information would be available...I got worried after 72 hours...No confirmation on shipping, even though they did charge my credit card...My impression was that this is some sort of web site scam... Imagine, why do you order books...mainly because you need them pronto!!!

I hope this review helps you not fall victim to one of the most irresponsible retailers online today...My recomendadtion stick with those with positive feedback from previous clients...

cool shop
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 26 2005
I think it's a new store, cause I have been using Fetchbook's services for quite a while. I took a chance and ordered from them and they were very nice, and the book arrived really fast, and in great condition.

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