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Horrible "Store"
Reviewed by bpfsr  /  December 01 2006
I'm not sure why they are even on the site and I have asked Fetch to remove them. Last summer I ordered 5 books over the course of a few months. They cancelled four of the five orders. Last week I thought I'd give them another try and they again cancelled the order. I don't know if these guys are running a scam or not but they should be blocked from this otherwise excellent website and maybe even investigated by law enforcement.

Bad customer support
Reviewed by Panoramix Top Reviewer  /  November 12 2006
Once I decided to contact this store because I was interested in an offered item. Since I am not an US resident and the store, at that time, neither allowed international shipments nor accepted international credit cards, I was not very kindly informed to seek for the item in another store. Rejecting customers is indeed a very bad marketing option...
I have never ever considered the store later.

Poor Customer Service
Reviewed by dbarton  /  September 06 2006
Store said book was in stock and usually ships in one day. Paid for expedited shipping because I needed the book in a week. A week later I called. Order never shipped. No explanation why.

Book Not In Stock
Reviewed by Kawika  /  June 20 2006
I experienced the same situation as a fellow reviewer here. The book was listed in stock...and when I placed my order...I was informed a day later that the book was no longer in stock & my order was cancelled and fully refunded. When I logged in this morning to search for this book still shows it as if they have it in stock. Hopefully they'll take the time to update their records in the future.

Listed an Out of Stock Item
Reviewed by Guest  /  January 11 2006
It is so irritating to order a textbook that I need for class and then to be told a WEEK after I ordered the item (and after I contacted Reiters) that the book was out of stock. If you are going to list an item that you KNOW is out of stock & not include a disclaimer saying that it is out of stock, at least have the courtesy to notify your customers after the sale so that they have a chance to cancel the order. Otherwise, your customers--like me--will be expecting the book to arrive, and not know they need to order the item from another bookstore.
Just try to remember that your customers value their time...

Look for a book
Reviewed by Guest  /  September 03 2005
I placed my order and days later I got the dreaded email stating the book was out of stock and days after that, the book price on their site went up about 50%! I wonder if they know more then they were telling me?

Medical Book Purchase
Reviewed by Guest  /  August 28 2005
I purchased an out-of-print book listed for $159 on their web site. Later on they informed me that their web host erroneously listed the book for $10 less, but they would honor the lower price and shipped the book the next day.

Outstanding service
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 10 2005
I placed my order on the web and within a week, I got my book. A few days after I placed my order, I called them to check on the status and they were very pleasant and helpful. I would recommend Reiters to anyone looking for a book.

Washington DC Science and Techology.
Reviewed by Guest  /  February 04 2005
Excellent for having book reserved for a courior to pick-up at the two Washington DC store. Not really conpetitive with other on-line book venders

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