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A good alternative in Europe
Reviewed by Panoramix Top Reviewer  /  July 01 2007 has a very good search engine and most of the items are offered at convenient prices. Because the store does not collect any payment, one has to reach the seller directly and later arrange the payment method, shifting into a not so blind shopping system. Besides, P&H and shipment costs are totally disclosed at first and are weight rated.

Reviewed by tomh  /  June 22 2005
booklooker carries both used and new books. The new-book sector is handled by another company, Booxtra, whereas the used-book sector is really a large database of sellers, professionals but also many private persons selling their stuff, often for a trifle. I have never had any bad experiences with either private or professional sellers, that of course does not rule out the one or other black sheep, and as usual there is a rating system. Unlike Amazon, there is no fixed shipping allowance, which means that, at least for German destinations, shipping can be had considerably cheaper than Amazon's 3-Euro rate. Also, booklooker does not collect the money, as Amazon does, but only puts buyer and seller in touch. This is typically not a problem inside the EU, where money transfers are quite straightforward nowadays, but it may pose a problem for other countries as in particular private persons are generally not able to charge credit cards etc. booklooker has a companion site,, which specializes on music and videos.

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