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false listings. how to disable bookstore from listing?
Reviewed by McX  /  October 05 2014
Nothing but false hits. Wish I could exclude the store from my listings, but that function seems to now be disabled(?).

False Listings
Reviewed by awr66  /  June 26 2014
Coming up with false listings yet again

This store is very careful to describe condition accurately
Reviewed by chicitysue Top Reviewer  /  September 15 2012
I don't think I have ever been disappointed by the condition of a book sent from BetterWorldBooks. They ship quickly and package well. Most of the time I find the book in better condition than their description might lead you to believe. Especially if two books seem identical, I will order from this store.

excellent seller
Reviewed by Fernando  /  April 27 2012
good seller! bought a lot of books up to now from this seller.

Consistently excellent seller
Reviewed by schwa0  /  August 29 2011
I've made more than a dozen purchases from Better World Books (often based on tips from my FetchBook wishlist) and have only had positive experiences. The books are shipped quickly and arrive in the condition described. The only area I would say they could improve on is to add a bit of padding to their shipping packages to protect the books a bit better.

It seems like many of the people who have rated Better World Books poorly haven't actually purchased books from them. I've never experienced the issues they describe.

Spam or Scam?
Reviewed by americusr  /  June 06 2011
Does this company even exist? They show up in my Wish List time and again reporting a price of $0.00. Then clicking on the "Compare Prices" link, I find that they're not listed at all. So you can't even block BetterWorld from sending you notices of these non-existent offers. Worst of all, claiming to have a Wish List book for the price of $0.00 triggers FetchBook to stop sending notices from legitimate sellers offering a desired book at a realistic price. It's difficut to belive that I am the only person with this complaint. Can't FetchBook ban this frustrating annoyance once and for all? BetterWorld? The name is used ironically. Their conniving embodies the Worst of this World.

More good feedback
Reviewed by gmhendo  /  April 08 2011
BetterWorld (BW) asked for feedback so I mentioned a few things. My comments drew constructive appreciation from BetterWorld, I was really impressed to hear back from a person, not robot!

One thing I have found with BW, they are happy to ship overseas. SO many times I find the book I want, select in and then finds the seller does not ship to my country. Amazon is worst, but not alone. I see it on eBay too, I can't understand it.

I'll use BW anytime I can.

Reviewed by gmhendo  /  March 17 2011
I have used many book sellers, and over time I have had all the troubles listed by other users. I also found that this seller the best overall, despite lapses experienced by other (not me) users. SO they are my preferred seller because their average performance is good, and I also like their general philosophy.

Better World My Tail...
Reviewed by LunaP  /  March 01 2011
HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!! Anytime that I have placed an order with this company I've gotten an email shot back saying 'We're sorry, but the book you ordered is no longer available. Please check back at another time.' This happened to me today actually, and I went back to the site to look and behold!!! They do have the book in stock. It's now double what I paid for it before including the shipping.... Not worth the trouble!

False listings
Reviewed by awr66  /  December 15 2010
Showing books available for $0.00. Makes alert function useless.

Not good
Reviewed by coaxpro  /  December 07 2010
Descriptions and shipping time are very poor with this seller.

Better World Books
Reviewed by chicitysue Top Reviewer  /  December 01 2010
Better World Books has always shipped my books withing the time frame of the marketplace parameters, and I have never had the wrong book and the description has always fit.

Reviewed by pronson  /  September 23 2010
I like the idea of offsetting the carbon footprint with a donation of 5 cents to my order, as well as eco-shipping that does not include expedited transactions or paper tracking.

They set out the book 2 weeks after my order
Reviewed by gunthii  /  January 21 2010
They set out the book 2 weeks after my order, I received it about 6 weeks after I ordered it.

Reviewed by pembaca  /  October 06 2009
I give them 5 stars only because Fetchbook does not allow me to give more than 2.5 but less than 5. I have placed many orders with BetterWorld, and usually their service is good. Not always, though. In one case they sent me a wrong book, and refused to do anything about it. No refund, no replacement copy, no apology even. Utterly unhelpful. I had used PayPal, who proved to be nothing but a cowboy outfit, with their guarantee completely worthless. As far as they are concerned, if the seller sends you a brick instead of the book you ordered, the order has been fulfilled - no discussion possible. Steer clear of Paypal payment.

absolutelly worry-free
Reviewed by wickymouse  /  July 26 2009
superb prices, superb shipping costs. they include gifts, samples. I have no negative comments, except someime insufficient packaging, but no book arrived damaged. AAA+++

Positive experience, worthy cause
Reviewed by Gitana  /  November 07 2008
I have bought books from them several times now, and have had a positive experience each time. Additionally, I like that I am contributing to a worthy cause (a non-profit literacy program). I will continue to use this site again.

Good shopping experience
Reviewed by uvi  /  June 05 2008
I bought used books from this store. They shipping time was reasonable (international order), and the books are in good condition - just as advertised.

Good shopping experience
Reviewed by uvi  /  June 05 2008
I bought used books from this store. They shipping time was reasonable (international order), and the books are in good condition - just as advertised.
Reviewed by Panoramix Top Reviewer  /  August 05 2007
I have placed many orders in the past. At the beginning I did through the marketplace from other web stores like and Barnes& Later on I have decided ordering directly from the stores and I have not experienced any problems so far, even with international orders. Domestic delivery is fast and reliable, yet international delivery may take longer as expected. Anyway, is a good choice.

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