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Thieves and scammers!!!
Reviewed by hthanhle7  /  September 05 2011
I am very unpleased by this company. They screwed me over. They put me behind in school and just gave me a hard time. They sold me a book that was not even the correct book. They claim the book I bought has the same content as the book I need. They are a bunch of liars. Even after telling them it is not the same content, they told me to compare it. (As if I didn't already do it) Do not buy from these guys. After many complaints, I told them if they do not resolve my problem, I will make sure every bookstore review site gets a bad review for them. I don't even think they care. All they want is your money and sell you a book that is not even what they advertise. They are liars and scammers!

Reviewed by zory_chick  /  January 10 2011
I ordered a book on 01/06/2011 and the estimated delivery date was 01/10/2011 which was perfect because I started school the same day. They sent me a confirmation and everything and on 01/09/2011 at 8:35pm I received an email saying that my order was canceled without any explanation or a reason. I was extremely upset because I needed this book by that date. So their service is unreliable and I would never ever use them again.

Always lookin for a deal
Reviewed by Kalyns Book Korner  /  April 02 2010
Love this place I have only used a couple times but I will return. Thank you Valore books

Reviewed by Bob2256  /  November 20 2009
THIEVES: a1retailoutlet & They sent me only 1/3 of order, refused refund. They stole my money. THIEVES.

Reviewed by CMLandowski  /  September 01 2009
It took longer than I thought to receive the book (over a week), and the condition was somewhat worse than I anticipated. Valore listed the book as "acceptable" with some damage to the cover but no highlighting, and actually there is quite a bit of writing/highlighting and the cover is really a wreck. But the book was really really cheap so I'm not too upset about it.

Just don't expect a pristine book or exceptionally speedy delivery.

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